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ELC Blog

Posted On: Friday, September 2, 2016 09:00 AM, by Tamara Hansen
Tamara Hansen
Gamma Chi/
Fresno State

There is not another job in the entire world quite like being an educational leadership consultant (ELC) for Kappa Alpha Theta. If you have a passion for Theta, a love of travel, and a yearning to interact with leading women across North America, this may be the job for you. Regardless of your major, the chapter officer positions you have held, and the college you come from, Kappa Alpha Theta is looking for a woman just like you to share your Theta experience!

You may be wondering why, how, and could I ever? I know I had these same questions myself, but the answers to them are simple; being an ELC gives you a unique professional experience that will make you a marketable candidate in any career field you are looking to enter. Furthermore, being an ELC will teach you more about your own resiliency and the extent of your capabilities than you imagined possible. This position also gives you the opportunity to interact with and be inspired by amazing college women across the United States and Canada.

If you are interested, have questions, or want to know more, please visit the ELC Program web page. Also feel free to email any questions to the current 2016-2017 ELC team, as we are more than happy to talk with you and share our own experiences. Applications are being accepted beginning on Monday, October 17, and are due December 1!

Being an ELC is a job unlike any other. What could be better than having the chance to befriend and work with other amazing women, spend countless hours in Indianapolis at our beautiful international headquarters, and traveling to chapters to interact with the next generation of leading women? I feel honored to have been chosen to be a part of this experience, and know that even just in these first few months I have grown exponentially and learned life lessons you can't find in a text book. We all joined Kappa Alpha Theta in the hopes of belonging to an organization that reaches far beyond our individual selves, and being an ELC allows me to take this step of humility even further.

Tamara Hansen, Gamma Chi/Fresno State, is a first-year educational leadership consultant.