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ELC Blog

Posted On: Thursday, July 30, 2015 11:00 AM, by Aquene Kenerson
2015-16 ELCs
Each July, the educational leadership consultants (ELCs) head to Indianapolis, Ind. for a month of training on various Fraternity and leadership topics. This year, as July comes to a close and the 2015-2016 ELC team begins to think about heading out on the road for their year of travels, there is much excitement and anticipation for the year to come.

A diverse team from different colleges and universities across country, each ELC brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. Without a doubt, two things the ELC team has in common is a love for Theta and a desire to develop professionally. In reading the reflections of past ELCs over the course of this summer's Professional Blog Series, it is clear that the wealth of personal and professional skills develop from time spent on the road. When asked what skills the 2015-2016 ELC team hopes to develop during their year of traveling, there are many common themes: facilitation, public speaking, problem-solving, and effective communication, to name just a few. Though each ELC has a different assignment, from establishing a new chapter to traveling full-time, the professional experience gained is universal.

Wherever life takes this group of ELCs after their time traveling for Theta, there is no doubt they will be prepared and successful. If there is one thing repeated most by previous consultants, it is that being an ELC is an invaluable experience that comes with an equal number of challenges and adventures, but most importantly lifelong friends. Best of luck to the 2015-2016 ELCs in their travels!

View a list of the current 2015-2016 ELC team, and learn more about the ELC program!

Aquene Kenerson, Epsilon Psi/Richmond, will serve Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity during the next school year as a second-year educational leadership consultant.

Posted On: Thursday, May 8, 2014 02:52 PM, by Jenny Cook
The 2014 ELC team out to dinner while in Indianapolis for their end of the year meeting.
As the academic year is coming to a close for many of the schools we have visited, our year as ELCs is also coming to an end. While some of us are saying goodbye for good to the ELC program, there are still some that will be returning for a second year and you may be wondering-what do ELCs do over the summer? Well, the work is not over! I, along with my fellow ELC, Ashley, will be working as interns for a month at headquarters this summer helping with special projects and preparing for summer training in July. Some of our other returning co-workers have summer jobs, are visiting friends and loved ones around the country, or just spending quality time at home this next month leading up to Grand Convention.

Speaking of Grand Convention, this summer is a very exciting year to be an ELC! One of the perks of this position is being able to help out at Grand Convention in Orlando, FL at the end of June and see the behind the scenes work that goes into pulling off this large scale and very Thetatastic event. For many of the returning ELCs this will be our second Grand Convention that we will have attended in our time as members of Kappa Alpha Theta. But for many of our incoming ELCs and even some who are returning this will be their very first Grand Convention! Although we will be working during Grand Convention, please make sure to stop and say hi!

Another big part of the ELC summer schedule is our training that takes place for most of July and part of August. During training, the new ELC team for the upcoming year lives together in Indianapolis and spends most days at headquarters learning about various aspects of Theta and welcome visitors who help facilitate team building activities. I fondly remember training last year as a wonderful welcome onto the ELC team and cherish so many memories from last summer getting to know everyone on the team!

At the close of our summer, we will begin making chapter recruitment visits in August and prepare for a new school year, whether that means moving to a new city in which we are establishing a new chapter, providing second year support or getting ready to embark on a semester full of traveling.

Although an ELC summer is quite busy it is also full of new experiences and many memories to be made! While I am sad and somewhat in shock that my first year as an ELC is already over, I am excited to see what this summer holds!

What are your plans for this summer?

Jenny Cook, Educational Leadership Consultant, Beta Tau/Denison University

Posted On: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 10:29 AM, by Jenny Cook
The ELCs in front of headquarters during summer training.
It. Is. Theta-tastic. It has only been one year since I went to Kappa Alpha Theta headquarters for the very first time and it is needless to say that I was beyond excited. I finally had the opportunity to visit the place where Theta magic happened and meet the mysterious headquarters staff that had every answer to every Theta-related question I ever had. I remember pulling onto Founders Road in Indianapolis and getting chills from excitement about seeing this place I had only imagined. Finally as I turned a corner on the street, I saw our letters engraved on a brick sign in front of a quaint brick house tucked away at the end of the road. The building looked homey and welcoming and I was anxious to jump out of the car and go inside. You know that moment when you go somewhere new and time seems to stop as you take this new place all in? That's what happened to me when I first stepped foot inside headquarters. I was entranced by the main entrance and the Theta memorabilia that covered the walls. Old pictures of Thetas from the early 1900s greeted me at the door and vintage badges decorated the entrance to the board room, where Theta history seeps from every crevice. I could not wait to start exploring and taking it all in one Theta artifact at a time! Once I finally received my tour of headquarters, I became even more obsessed with Kappa Alpha Theta's rich history. Each wall in the board room has pictures, letters, apparel, and more showcasing the various decades from Theta's history. Although I now practically have this room memorized I still find myself standing in front of the cases staring at what they hold in them because every time I find something new that I had never seen before. In the downstairs area at headquarters, there is a white door that simply says "Archives" and behind it holds true Theta treasures. I could spend hours in there looking at old Theta documents written by Bettie Locke and our other founders from the 1880s. But one of my favorite things at headquarters is the map of the United States and Canada with colored push pins indicating every college and alumnae chapter in North America. This is among my favorite parts of headquarters because it helps to visualize just how big Theta's impact truly is internationally. Theta's impact and history covers every wall in the building and more history is being made there every day!

While I still think of headquarters as a mystical, magical place for all things Theta I also now think of it as another home. After spending most of last summer training at headquarters and traveling back there throughout the year, I always feel a sense of comfort and belonging when I step through that front door. I'm greeted by friendly faces and surrounded by the other ELCs who I can call some of my best friends. But most importantly I am immersed in the center of an organization that has completely changed my life. I am so grateful for every moment I get to spend at headquarters and I wish every Theta had the opportunity to experience the Theta magic it holds.

What's your favorite part of headquarters?

Jenny Cook, Beta Tau/Denison University, Educational Leadership Consultant