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ELC Blog

Posted On: Thursday, February 25, 2016 08:30 AM, by Sam Golden

The educational leadership consultants and headquarters staff members were so excited to welcome the final round of ELC candidates to headquarters this past weekend! The ELC applications were released in October 2015, and the process leading up to the three-day interview weekend was full of anticipation and excitement!

The ELC interview process is not too different from that of any other entry-level job for recent college graduates. When starting to prepare for upcoming interviews, it is important to keep some simple tips in mind.

1. Do your homework. Research the company the interview is for, and be knowledgeable on the organization's purpose and mission. It is important to relate your personal goals to the specific position you've applied for, and the organization's overall mission.

2. Ask the right questions. Your questions should reflect your skills and goals. Utilize questions to show your ability to be a valuable asset to the company and your desire for success.

3. Tell your story. Be prepared to answer the most common questions about yourself. Always focus on explaining where you have come from, what has shaped you, where you see yourself in the future and why. It is important to maintain a positive and enthusiastic outlook! Check out this Levo video for more storytelling tips!

4. Keep it conservative. Dress appropriately, with minimal jewelry. Hair should be styled and if your nails are painted, they should be a neutral color. When in doubt, as yourself if what you are wearing would be considered badge attire.

5. Smile! Let your personality and confidence shine through in your interview conversations and on your face.

Share your interviewing experience with us in the Comments section below!

Samantha Golden, Beta Nu/Florida State, is a first-year educational leadership consultant.

Posted On: Friday, August 14, 2015 08:45 AM, by Kara Higgins
Delta Kappa/ Louisiana State members during primary recruitment.
Kappa Alpha Theta chapters across the United States and Canada are kicking off primary recruitment this month, beginning the search for new members. I truly enjoy seeing women come together each year with the common goal of growing their chapter in a positive direction. So many women do not realize that by participating in this process, they are accomplishing so much more than choosing a new member class. They are sharpening their interviewing and networking skills!

The interpersonal expertise honed through the recruitment experience empowers women to achieve their goals both during and after the college experience. As we prepare for such an exciting time, I would like to share three invaluable interviewing and networking skills I gained by participating in primary recruitment.

  1. Know and communicate your personal identity and values. Panhellenic recruitment is a values-based process that requires us to reflect on and articulate who we are at our core. During an interview, employers look to find someone who is a good fit for their company's culture. Knowing how to relate your personal identity to the organization's values and culture will set you apart from other candidates.

  2. Storytelling is key. Most of us have heard the tip, "Show rather than tell." Telling a story is a much more meaningful way to convey your character and potential to an employer. The short amount of time allotted for conversations during primary recruitment requires that we get to know women quickly, so we become experts at using stories to convey who we are.

  3. Keep calm. Unexpected things happen every day during recruitment. Maybe an embarrassing mistake occurs, the sound for the philanthropy video stops working, or you have a coughing fit in the middle of a conversation. There is no pause button, so we learn to keep a positive attitude and stay focused so we can still make a good impression. Keeping a calm disposition and being able to gracefully handle the unexpected in a professional environment will help you win over colleagues.

Kara Higgins, Gamma Mu/Maryland, is a traveling educational leadership consultant during the 2015-16 school year.

Posted On: Thursday, July 16, 2015 08:20 AM, by Aquene Kenerson
L-R: Kimi Martin, Alpha Omicron/
Oklahoma, and April Brown, both Delta Air Line flight attendants
April Brown, Eta Theta/Central Florida, served as an educational leadership consultant for the Fraternity from 2012-2014. As a consultant, April had the opportunity to experience two different sides of the ELC experience. In her first year, April traveled full-time visiting more than 40 chapters, and in her second year, she established the Theta Theta Chapter at North Carolina State University. Continuing her passion for travel, April is now a Delta Air Lines flight attendant.

Much of what April learned as an ELC can be applied to her current profession as a flight attendant for Delta. For work, April takes trips across the country, sometimes internationally, and works with different teams of individuals. When working with different crews, April finds it is important to quickly communicate personal strengths and divide tasks accordingly so they can work as a seamless unit for the next few days. This was a skill April gained as a consultant visiting chapters for short periods of time and supporting them in their operations.

When looking back at her ELC experience, April feels that the ELC interview process helped her prepare significantly for her future professional life. During the interview process, ELCs are given chapter scenarios to respond to, participate in group settings, and have interviews with Theta's executive director and director of chapter services. From this April says, "I felt more than prepared walking into Delta's flight attendant face-to-face interview. By participating in the ELC interview and all of the skills I fine-tuned as an ELC, I felt more than prepared in my interview, and thus made me a strong candidate to be considered and ultimately hired as a flight attendant."

Aquene Kenerson, Epsilon Psi/Richmond, will serve Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity during the next school year as a second-year educational leadership consultant.