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Posted On: Friday, June 14, 2013 08:55 AM, by Laura Kassenbrock Stelsel
Doug Salzer, father of twin Delta Kappa/LSU collegians Claire and Kaitlyn Salzer
I have twin daughters, and I wanted them to join a sorority. At the time my daughters were invited to become members of Theta, I was mainly happy that my daughters experienced the recruitment process, which was a roller coaster of emotions, and they were both invited to a sorority. I really did not know much about Theta, so my overriding perception was simply that being part of Theta would give my daughters the opportunity to attend social functions, meet new people from different backgrounds, and gain new friends.

I have now learned that my original perception was much too narrow. Theta has given my daughters many more experiences and opportunities for personal growth and further development of skills that young women need for personal and professional success. I was particularly impressed with the encouragement my daughters received from their Theta sisters to become involved and take on positions of leadership and responsibility in the sorority. My daughters have grown from kids into confident young women.

Theta has become, and I think will now always be, a part of our family. For me, and I am sure for many other dads, it is a scary time when your daughter first leaves to go to college. Your hope is that your daughter will receive a good education and develop skills that will transition her to adulthood. The problem is your daughter is taking those steps in a sense alone and away from her family support group. My daughters' Theta sisters have become their extended family support group.

Recently, one of my daughters, who was going through particularly difficult semester of classes, said it best. She said, "Dad, I don't know how I would have made it through this last semester without my friends in Theta." They encouraged her when she was down, and they pushed her when she was tired and didn't feel like going anymore.

My daughters' experiences with Theta have given them greater confidence in themselves: confidence to step out of their comfort zone, confidence to take on new responsibilities, and confidence that they will succeed.

I am convinced they would not have grown so much as young women over the past three years without the Theta experience.

Doug Salzer is the father of twin Delta Kappa/LSU collegians Claire and Kaitlyn Salzer. He is a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, initiated at Louisiana State University.

Posted On: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:01 AM, by Laura Kassenbrock Stelsel
The Rigby Family
Catherine and Elizabeth Rigby, both alumnae of Delta Kappa/LSU, wrote to us about their proud Theta dad, Owen, saying, "Not only has he spent the better part of the last six years moving his two Theta daughters in and out of the Theta house, he has also spent much of those years volunteering for the Thetas. He has helped cook catfish for the Theta catfish fry, cooking hamburgers for Homecoming festivities, and set up and decorating (with direction from his wife and daughters) for Bid Day when his daughter (Catherine) was VP Education (now CEdO). Owen transported the large yard letters across the state and attended every father-daughter function at LSU, including the LSU Kappa Alpha Theta father-daughter baseball game tailgate (even though he is NOT an LSU fan)! Owen's love and dedication to his daughters has carried over to their dedication as Theta women. His Theta daughters could not ask for a better role model or father and love him very much!"

So, we wanted to ask Owen why Theta means so much to him. This is how he responded:

I knew of Theta from my college days and knew it was a strong organization. Theta has given my daughters an opportunity to grow in so many ways: make great friends, participate in leadership, and give back through philanthropy.

I have many great Theta memories. One favorite has to be when our older daughter (Catherine) was VP Education. During recruitment at LSU, all of the potential new members run down sorority row behind the officers to their new sorority's house. Seeing the pure excitement in the faces of the current and new members was extremely special.

Another was when our younger daughter (Elizabeth) called to say she was going to join Theta. It was very exciting to have both of our girls together at the same university and members of the same great organization.

Theta has been a part of our lives for six years now, and I am sure that will continue. The organization has done so much for our daughters; I could not have asked for more for them. Many of our daughters' best college friends are Thetas. What a tremendous group of young women!

Owen Rigby is the father of Delta Kappa Chapter alumnae Catherine and Elizabeth Rigby.