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Fraternity Blog

Posted On: Monday, May 23, 2016 08:27 AM, by Laura Kassenbrock Stelsel

Here's an incredible stat for you: More than 4,500 Thetas will be graduating across North America this spring.

If you are among these women, congratulations! That diploma represents years of hard work, grit, and determination, and we are so, so proud of you. Some of you may be graduating with a job in tow. Others might be taking a year to explore or volunteer. And more might be on the hunt for a first job.

This time of year is always rife with new-grad employment articles, and I read one in Fast Company this week that said, "Hiring managers found soft skills such as communication, leadership, ownership, and teamwork were missing in this new crop of workers."

No doubt, your experience in Theta—whether as a chapter officer or committee member, or participation in a homecoming event, leadership development program, or intramurals—helped you develop these skills and put you ahead of the pack. But if you're looking for a way to sharpen these skills and show tangible evidence on your resume, try volunteering for Theta!

There are positions on standing committees, college chapter advisory boards, and alumnae chapter boards. There is a role for you, no matter your time commitment, geography or interests, but if you don't see a role that interests you, email me at and tell me how you'd like to serve the Fraternity. We are always looking for short-term and ad-hoc volunteers to help us with programming.

Beyond building your skills, you'll also open yourself up to a network of leading women, whether in your local community or across the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Complete a Volunteer Interest Indicator (login required) today! And again, congratulations on completing a huge milestone in your life—college graduation!

Laura Kassenbrock Stelsel, Gamma/Butler, is an assistant director of alumnae engagement at Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity headquarters.

Posted On: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 08:30 AM, by Greta Hass Snell
As a community of leading women, Kappa Alpha Theta offers endless opportunities for leadership. Whether you're a student, recent graduate, or a seasoned professional, mentioning your experience(s) with Theta can add relevant qualifications to your growing resume. To us, it's a no-brainer!

Being part of the Greek organization teaches strong values, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and teamwork - all of which are oftentimes top qualities for new hires. The key to successfully incorporating your Greek experience on your resume is to showcase the transferable skills you gained from being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and the Panhellenic community. Of the many credentials you could share, leadership, organization and time management, and philanthropic contributions and community service should be make an appearance on your resume.

If you held any kind of position for your chapter, outline the responsibilities of your role and highlight the successes. Qualitative and quantitative measures are key in articulating specific examples from your time in office. For example, simply stating you managed the chapter's budget isn't as powerful as stating that you managed a chapter budget of $100,000, or sharing that you planned your annual philanthropy event isn't as exciting as sharing the number of attendees or amount raised.

Organization and Time Management
Members of the Greek community dedicate several hours to their chapter and the Panhellenic/interfraternal communities. In addition to school, extracurricular activities, and even a part-time job, members are often forced to manage jam-packed schedules. The ability to prioritize and organize are assets you should be proud of and be sure to share on include on your resume.

Philanthropic Contributions and Community Service
Fundraising for CASA, Theta Foundation, and The Friendship Fund, along with events such as Day of Service and the Theta Service Trip, are all resume builders. The time and dedication to these organizations and events support the ideals and values of leading women. Listing volunteer experiences and involvement shows you are a compassionate person with interest in the greater good.

What skills have you learned from your Theta experience, and how have you marketed them on your resume?

Greta Hass Snell, Beta/Indiana, is an associate editor at Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity headquarters.

Posted On: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 08:13 AM, by Lisa Gebken Thibault
Epsilon Iota's seniors following the 2012 Senior Service.
This time of year is significant for those of us at headquarters, because it signifies the time when many of our members (roughly, about 2,500!) leave their collegiate life and transition into alumnae status. It's a time of change and transition - new living space, new job (hopefully!), perhaps a new city. All of this change can be overwhelming to a new graduate.

However, one aspect that can remain constant is the relationship with Theta. Being a part of our Fraternity can help you transition more easily when facing all this change. Theta sisters can be found in major cities around the U.S., North America, and indeed the world.

I had the chance a few weeks ago to visit my college chapter during my college's Alumni Weekend. I currently serve my chapter as permanent alumnae secretary, so I help Fraternity headquarters maintain relationships with alumnae from my chapter. Although it's been several years since I last returned (actually, since I was a collegian myself!), I realized that with all the changes I've made personally over the past few decades (new city, new family, new career), Theta has been there along the way. Returning "home" to my chapter helped me understand that even though the chapter members are now different, the importance of leadership and scholarship within the chapter, and the feeling of sisterhood among all the chapter members, was still there, just as it was for me so many years ago.

So, if you are a new Theta graduate, remember to keep in touch with Theta! Stay active by following the Fraternity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and contact us when you undergo a change in your life.

Lisa Gebken Thibault, Epsilon Iota/Westminster, is an associate editor at Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, and is a charter Life Loyal member.