Leadership Certificate Program Leadership Certificate Program Leadership Certificate Program

Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) is a cohort-based program for students looking to learn and apply leadership skills with an emphasis on career development and networking. The LCP is geared toward third- and fourth-year students looking to incorporate the foundations of personal strengths and emotionally intelligent leadership into their continued growth and development plan as they prepare for life after college.

The program features synchronous and asynchronous engagement, including full-group live sessions, interactive webinars, peer-to-peer networking, self-guided activities, and a virtual capstone presentation.

2023 Leadership Certificate Program Overview

The 2023 LCP was hosted from January 22 to March 5, 2023. Eighteen participants representing 18 unique college chapters earned the Kappa Alpha Theta Leadership Certificate. Below is a list of chapters represented in the 2023 LCP.

  • Pi/Albion
  • Psi/Wisconsin
  • Alpha Gamma/Ohio State
  • Alpha Phi/Tulane
  • Alpha Rho/South Dakota
  • Alpha Tau/Cincinnati
  • Beta Nu/Florida State
  • Beta Phi/Penn State
  • Beta Theta/Idaho
  • Beta Upsilon/British Columbia
  • Gamma Kappa/George Washington
  • Gamma Sigma/San Diego State
  • Delta Epsilon/Arizona State
  • Epsilon Iota/Westminster
  • Zeta Nu/UC Davis
  • Eta Omega/Saint Louis
  • Eta Phi/Belmont
  • Theta Xi/UC Santa Cruz
  • Participating in the Leadership Certificate Program allowed me to become more conscious of myself and the type of leader I am in different scenarios. Knowing these things has allowed me to open up my mind to new leadership tactics that will utilize my strengths and nourish my areas for growth in order to actively develop myself as a leader who can efficiently serve the people in their group.

    Megan Lolley

    Beta Theta/Idaho

  • Participating in the Leadership Certificate Program was a great way for me to learn more about myself and how I interact with others. I know I will be using the strengths I developed in my academic and professional career.

    Brooke Wallace

    Alpha Tau/Cincinnati

  • The Leadership Certificate Program helped me find my strengths as a leader! Through this program, I realized that not everyone has to have the same strengths to be an effective leader, but everyone has something they can improve on to make them an outstanding leader.

    Lauren Halamicek

    Epsilon Iota/Westminster

  • Theta does a wonderful job bridging the gap between college life and career life. The Leadership Certificate Program is a prime example of its dedication to Theta's professional development. Because of this program, I feel more prepared for my future career and more confident in my foundational knowledge of being an effective leader.

    Tia Vlasman

    Alpha Rho/South Dakota

  • The Leadership Certificate Program was incredibly motivating, helped me build my confidence in myself and my leadership abilities, and inspired me to seek new opportunities to create change in my chapter and community. I loved having the opportunity to connect with my Theta sisters and empower each other to grow our leadership potential to better serve ourselves and others.

    Meghan Quinn

    Beta Phi/Penn State

Theta Foundation Support

Thanks to generous support from Theta Foundation, the Leadership Certificate Program experience is provided to members at no cost.