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Women Supporting Women

If “high standards” is the backbone of Theta, “women supporting women” is undoubtedly the heart—the enduring beat that inspires, empowers and is drawn upon in the same vein as virtually all sororities in the Panhellenic world.

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Sadly, today’s world is often preoccupied with imagery of women tearing one another down. More often than not, however, women build one another up. Theta embodies this … perhaps better than any organization. This video celebrates that! Use the hashtag #ThetasGotYourBack to share the video and spread our message of women supporting women.

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We're different.

There are many organizations we can join as collegians and alumnae. But the thing is, Theta isn't like other organizations.

Our members are different.

And we have an opportunity to prove it.

We stand out.

We are unapologetically authentic. At Theta's heart, we are women supporting and celebrating women.

  • Melcher Wsw Testimonial

    I am a confident leader. I am not afraid to say what I believe. Theta has given me a platform to express my ideas as well as hone my leadership qualities. I have learned a great deal from being a part of an amazing group of women who lead the world with intelligence and a passion for goodness.

    Grace Melcher

    Zeta Mu


  • Scancarella Wsw Testimonial

    I recently navigated a career transition, and was having a hard time getting my resume in front of employers in my desired field. When I noticed that a sister had recently made a similar transition, I reached out to get her thoughts on how I might navigate this process. She didn't have to help me—but she became my champion. Not only did she coach me on things I could do to become more visible, she hand-delivered my resume to her company's human resources department which resulted in the transition I had been hoping for!

    Brittany Scancarella



  • Pei Wsw Testimonial

    One sister was going through a tough period where everything kind of seemed to pile up on her. I could tell she wasn’t her usual self and was really struggling. She was pretty open with me in what she was feeling, and I let her know that she could always tell me what was going on and that I would be there to listen. I couldn’t fix the challenges she was facing, but by being there to hear her out and empathize, as well as encourage her to seek additional help, I think she felt more supported and understood.

    Julia Pei

    Zeta Mu


  • Higgins Wsw Testimonial

    Especially as I've gotten older, supporting my sisters has been about listening, compassion, and taking the time to connect. It's been about phone calls and coffee dates both when things are going well and when things aren't going so well. One of the best things about Theta in college was that I could always bring all of me there—the proud moments, embarrassing moments, times of confusion, time of happiness, and times of sadness—and it hasn't changed a bit since. Those moments are the best ways that I've been able to support my sisters, and the best ways my sisters have supported me.

    Kara Higgins

    Gamma Mu


What's Your Theta Story?

No matter where we are in life, Theta seeks to inspire us and encourage us to be our best selves. You can follow stores of Theta support - and share your own! - using the hashtag #ThetasGotYourBack. Or, share your story below!