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Outstanding Faculty Award

Kappa Alpha Theta is proud to recognize ten outstanding faculty members for their contributions to colleges and universities where Theta chapters are present. Professors are carefully chosen for this award among a pool of distinguished nominees who were nominated by Kappa Alpha Theta chapters across the United States and Canada via an official nomination and selection process. Chapters were asked to select one nominee based on his or her passion to inspire students and actions that connect to Theta aspirations: intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, commitment to service, and personal excellence. Candidates are not limited by gender, fraternity or sorority affiliation (or non-affiliation), disciplinary expertise, or number of Thetas taught.

Commitment to higher education and scholarship, as demonstrated by these faculty members, is also a cornerstone of Kappa Alpha Theta’s mission. This shared commitment—and the desire to honor individuals who have left an indelible mark on the lives of Thetas across the continent—was the impetus to establish the Kappa Alpha Theta Outstanding Faculty Award.

Recent Recipients

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Recent Recipients

Read the press release announcing the 2016-17 Outstanding Faculty Award recipients.

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  • Dr Becky Barker

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    Alpha Omicron Chapter members state, 

    "Dr. Barker works tirelessly to create leadership moments for students. Even more than the incredible programs she creates and the inspiring instructor she is in the classroom, she has a special way of providing students with direction and encouragement while challenging them to be the best versions of themselves."

    Dr. Becky Barker

  • Dr Sherryl Boverman

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    According to Beta Rho Chapter members, 

    "Dr. Broverman teaches various courses at Duke that have been taken and beloved by many members of Beta Rho. She has also touched the lives of our members in many other ways, and her commitment to civic engagement has been truly contagious."

    Dr. Sherryl Broverman

  • Greg Ghio

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    Eta Iota Chapter members share, 

    "Ghio’s public speaking course is as much about developing your own voice as it is engaging with culturally relevant topics. We utilize our college years to develop as leading women; Ghio values what we have to say and encourages us to voice our opinions in every situation—whether it’s in his classroom or out in the world."

    Greg Ghio

  • Kappa Alpha Theta logo

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    In their nomination, Gamma Zeta Chapter members wrote, 

    "Professor Gurr is the epitome of Theta's aspirations for a leading woman. Whether she is expanding options and opportunities for gender minorities at UConn or teaching courses on topics that are difficult for the privileged to speak about, she truly cares about equality and rights for all."

    Barbara Gurr

  • Dr Mee Ae Kim

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    From the Eta Eta Chapter: 

    "Dr. Kim exemplifies intellectual curiosity in her life and instills it in her students as well. Yet she also finds time to contribute to the College of Idaho community. If she were going through recruitment, she would meet all four points of the kite and extend beyond them."

    Dr. Mee-Ae Kim

  • Dr Sean Nicholson

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    "Dr. Nicholson combines structured material with entertaining news clips and videos, motivating students with his passions and entertaining with his humor," says an Iota Chapter member. "By providing a non-partisan approach, Professor Nicholson empowers students to form their own opinions, igniting intrinsic motivation."

    Dr. Sean Nicholson

  • Dr Meghan Porter

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    According to Beta Chapter members, 

    "Dr. Porter exemplifies personal excellence and sets a high standard of what it should look like in and out of the classroom. She not only demonstrates the essence of intellectual curiosity, she also passes a love of higher education to her students as well."

    Dr. Meghan Porter

  • Dr Emily Paddon Rhoads

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    Alpha Beta Chapter members say that 

    "Dr. Rhoads continually engages with her students, ensuring that they understand the subject matter and are in good mental and physical health. She has done years of humanitarian work in west equatorial Africa, so she is well aware of humanitarian rights and violations and introduces her students to another approach to global political conflicts."

    Dr. Emily Paddon Rhoads

  • Drucilla Ronchen

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    According to Epsilon Phi Chapter members, 

    "Drucilla Ronchen has shown exceptional passion and dedication for her students over the years, and she showcases courage and commitment to her students every day. She has had a lasting impact on many women in our chapter."

    Drucilla Ronchen

  • Dr Amy Ryken

    Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

    "At our faculty appreciation event, Dean Ryken spoke about the intersectionality and tension between her identities as a woman, a woman in a leadership role, and an introvert and how she’s learned to use these as strengths," say members of Delta Iota Chapter. "She is a true picture of what our members strive to be: strong leading women."

    Dr. Amy Ryken