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Outstanding Faculty Award Hero Image

Outstanding Faculty Award

Kappa Alpha Theta is proud to recognize nine outstanding faculty members for their contributions to colleges and universities where Theta chapters are present. Professors are carefully chosen for this award among a pool of distinguished nominees who were nominated by Kappa Alpha Theta chapters across the United States and Canada via an official nomination and selection process. Chapters were asked to select one nominee based on his or her passion to inspire students and actions that connect to Theta aspirations: intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, commitment to service, and personal excellence. Candidates are not limited by gender, fraternity or sorority affiliation (or non-affiliation), disciplinary expertise, or number of Thetas taught.

Commitment to higher education and scholarship, as demonstrated by these faculty members, is also a cornerstone of Kappa Alpha Theta’s mission. This shared commitment—and the desire to honor individuals who have left an indelible mark on the lives of Thetas across the continent—was the impetus to establish the Kappa Alpha Theta Outstanding Faculty Award.

The 2019 recipients are as follows:

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  • Aimee Ulstad Head Shot

    Aimee Ulstad is a pioneer in the STEM field and encourages all students to reach their best potential. She is involved in the Ohio State community and is a faculty member who the University could not function without.

    Aimee Ulstad

    Associate Professor, Clinical

    Ohio State University

  • Arthur Hochman Head Shot Updated

    He has made an everlasting impact on his students and that has positively affected our Theta house. His students are now leaders within our organization, more confident in themselves, and are genuinely passionate about their futures. It takes an outstanding professor to be such a light to so many and have his impact be felt beyond the classroom walls, radiating beyond today and illuminating tomorrow.

    Dr. Arthur Hochman

    Professor, College of Education

    Butler University

  • Smith Daryl

    Professor Smith demonstrates Theta’s values in his classroom, throughout the University of Missouri, and in our world. The women of Alpha Mu are grateful for his contributions to the University and the impact he has made in the lives of our sisters.

    L. Daryl Smith

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Management

    University of Missouri

  • Dr  Jacob Kerby Head Shot

    Dr. Kerby exemplifies personal excellence as he has more than 50 scientific publications, participates in research in Costa Rica, and has been the recipient of numerous grants. In addition to his academic excellence, Dr. Kerby also displays a genuine passion for his students.

    Dr. Jacob Kerby

    Professor, Biology

    University of South Dakota

  • Heather Rhodes

    Dr. Rhodes encourages students to strive for personal excellence and growth in every interaction, always pushing for students to do their best and better understand more about the world around them.

    Heather J. Rhodes

    Professor, Biology

    Denison University

  • Professor Walker

    Lee Walker is an inspiration to all of his students, including the Thetas who have been fortunate enough to meet this man so immensely invested in his students' lives.

    E. Lee Walker

    Adjunct Professor, Plan II Honors

    University of Texas-Austin

  • Rachel Bezner Kerr

    As a professor in the Department of Development Sociology, she has inspired many of her students through her outreach work. She practices a teaching style that allows students to contribute to the conversation.

    Rachel Bezner Kerr

    Professor, Development Sociology

    Cornell University

  • Renee Engeln Head Shot

    Professor Engeln always makes herself available outside of class for extra help. She is uniquely caring and shows her unparalleled dedication to each and every student by remembering his/her name in addition to individual contributions made in class. It is this remarkable effort to engage with each of her students individually that makes Professor Engeln stand out.

    Renee Engeln

    Professsor of Instruction, Department of Psychology

    Northwestern University

  • Zeina Hakim 4 Mp

    Encouraging each student to do his or her best, Madame Hakim encourages personal excellence, as we do in Kappa Alpha Theta. She works to build a community among her students, in the same way we build a sisterhood in Theta.

    Zeina Hakim

    Associate Professor of French, Department of Romance Studies

    Tufts University