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Learn more about Theta's history from a compilation of the books listed here on this page.

Dodge, E. R., & Green, L. P. (1930). Sixty years in Kappa Alpha Theta, 1870-1929. Menasha, Wis: George Banta.

Sixty Years was the first comprehensive book-length history of Kappa Alpha Theta. Dodge and Green drew upon the memories and archival material from some of the earliest members of the Fraternity. It covers, in a topical format, all aspects of Theta’s history. Lists of officers, chapters, and conventions provide useful information.

Kappa Alpha Theta. (2020). 150 years of Kappa Alpha Theta, 1870-2020. Brookfield, Mo: The Donning Company Publishers.

Theta’s first coffee-table book, published for the sesquicentennial, showcases images of artifacts, photographs, and documents from the last 150 years.

Turk, D. B. (2004). Bound by a mighty vow: Sisterhood in Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, 1870-1920. New York: NYU Press.

Bound by a might vow is a scholarly, yet readable, look at the history of women’s sororities from 1870 to 1920. Turk, with unprecedented access to the Theta archives, uses Kappa Alpha Theta as a case study but sets the organization in the larger context of sororities and history during this period. Of special interest is her chapter on extension and exclusion, documenting how both explicit and implicit discrimination in membership selection shaped women’s groups.

White, M. S. (1986) Kite Flight, 1976-1986. Erlanger, Ken.: Metroweb.

A follow-up to the two previous We Who Wear Kites books (described below), it continues the story of Theta from 1976 to 1986, with a snapshot view of college chapters and alumnae groups in the 1980s. It includes lists of notable Thetas, chapters, and officers.

Wilson, C. G. (1956). We who wear kites: The story of Kappa Alpha Theta, 1870-1956. Menasha, Wis: G. Banta.

Wilson, C. G. (1976). We who wear kites: The Story of Kappa Alpha Theta: Vol. II, 1956-1976. Menasha, Wis: G. Banta.

In a conversational voice, the We who wear kites series tells the story of Theta from 1870 to 1956 and from 1976 to 1986 and includes lists of officers, chapters, notable Thetas, and conventions.

150 Years of Kappa Alpha Theta

Table of Contents

Peruse the contents of the book, marked with each decade of Theta's history.



Download the index to discover what's included and topics covered, along with names of members featured.


Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes look at the development of Theta's 150th anniversary celebration book, 150 Years of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Testimonial Heading for screen readers.

  • I just received my 150 Years book and am beyond thrilled. I actually got goose bumps when I was opening the package. It is beautiful, full of wonderful history and memories. It is so fun seeing so many special Thetas and friends. Thank you for all the hours of hard work to make this a reality. It’s a Theta treasure I will enjoy for years.

    Kathy Stebleton Schultz

    Gamma Sigma/San Diego State

  • I just opened mine and it is beautiful! Wow! Such a great job! Congrats to the amazing team that made it happen. Thank you, thank you!

    Nancy Frick


  • I just got my 150th book! I don't even know where to begin with how fabulous it is. What a treasure! The details of our most important milestones and loving dedication to each decade are marvelous. And oh the photos! For me, the history of our badge is lovingly displayed with each picture. This amazing book tells our Theta story in a way that I hope all the generations who come after us will love and appreciate. I'll admit I was crying as I was reading through...then found myself a complete mess toward the end when I turned the page and saw a picture of myself with Lyn Simensen! Thank you to all that made the telling of our history so beautifully done. I am so very proud to be a part of our sisterhood, and now a part of this forever Theta treasure!

    Cathie Waters Cardelucci

    Beta Xi/UCLA

  • I’ve received my copy of 150 Years of Kappa Alpha Theta and love it! It’s spectacular! The quality of the paper makes all the photos pop…and the wonderful variety of photos and items photographed is so encompassing of the Theta experience. It lovingly embraces our 150 years! And I love the inside of the cover and the facing page, both on the front and back covers, of an image from every college chapter.

    Louise Lev Geil

    Beta Iota/Colorado

  • The cover of the book is classic. The black background sets off the white Sesquicentennial logo. The 'look' will never go out of style. Those who purchase the book will enjoy the contents for years to come. Thetas will never tire of looking up their chapter’s founding or Chapter #1 with details of the Fraternity’s beginning. Owners will find an interesting surprise when they go to the inside front or back book cover. These areas are covered with photos of every Theta chapter, from Alpha through Theta Pi.

    Lissa Luton Bradford

    Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt

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