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Recommend a Potential New Member

Kappa Alpha Theta appreciates the efforts of its members who recommend outstanding young women for membership. The process of identifying qualified potential new members (PNMs) is a responsibility and a privilege that is shared by collegians and alumnae. Therefore, both are welcome and encouraged to write a letter of reference (also known as a recommendation letter) for qualified PNMs.

Am I eligible to write a letter of reference?

You may write a letter of reference if you are...

  • An alumna member of the Fraternity in good standing
  • An initiated college member of the Fraternity in good standing who is a member of another chapter
  • An inactive college member of another chapter
  • An affiliated college member submitting a letter of reference to her original chapter
  • An unaffiliated college member submitting a letter of reference to a chapter other than her original chapter or to the chapter on her present campus

How do I submit a letter of reference?

You can fill out the online form, found in the Letter of Reference and Legacy Information box on the right. The form, upon submittal, will automatically be sent to the chief recruiting officer of the potential new member's (PNM's) college chapter. If you so choose, you may also select a recruitment reference board chairman (RRBC) to receive the form.

You may also choose to send the form via regular mail:
  1. Download and print the PDF form from this page.
  2. Fill out the form completely and mail it to the chapter of the school where the PNM is attending. We recommend sending it ATT: Chief Recruiting Officer. *Don't know the chapter address? Go to the Find a College Chapter or Alumnae Group page to search for the chapter or click the Recruitment Information link to the right.
  3. If the PNM resides in an area where a Recruitment Reference Board (RRB) is active, you may send a copy to the RRB chairman as well. *The Recruitment Roster (located to the right) provides the names and contact information for all RRBCs and is updated monthly.

Thank you for ensuring that Kappa Alpha Theta continues to recruit women who will help us reach our vision of being the organization that provides the finest and most rewarding membership experience.

What is a Recruitment Reference Board (RRB)?

Recruitment reference boards (RRBs) are in place to assist chapters in obtaining letters of reference. They are located where there is an alumnae chapter. The purpose of the RRB is to serve as a clearinghouse for all membership reference forms in the area. The board is responsible for seeking out and identifying PNMs who meet the qualifications for Fraternity membership and providing information to the college chapter by urging alumnae and collegians to submit references.

The RRBC chairs all RRB meetings, approves the signing of references that have been evaluated by the RRB, and ensures that they are sent to the appropriate collegiate chapter.

If a PNM resides in an area that does not have an RRB but she has a letter of reference written by a member in good standing, then the letter shall be sent directly to the college chapter where the membership advisor will certify that the information provided on the letter of reference is sufficient.

What is a "Legacy"?

A Theta legacy is defined as a daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, or sister of a Kappa Alpha Theta. Stepdaughters, step granddaughters, step great-granddaughters, and stepsisters are considered legacies if their family considers them as such and if the family asks that they be considered as such on the legacy introduction form (located to the right). These women deserve special consideration.

There is no such thing as an indirect legacy (i.e., cousin, niece, etc.), and such persons are not given special consideration. However, we recognize that they may have special knowledge of and interest in Kappa Alpha Theta and are warmly welcomed and recruited.

How do I introduce a legacy?

The letter of reference and legacy introduction is a device whereby a Theta mother, sister, grandmother, or great-grandmother of a PNM may advise a chapter that her legacy will be going through formal recruitment. In some places, the relative may be the only Theta aware that the legacy intends to participate in recruitment at a campus. Please make sure to fill out Section II that specifically asks for legacy information.

Having received the letter of reference and legacy introduction, the chapter has an opportunity to seek out a reference for the legacy.