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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kappa Alpha Theta is committed to fighting racism, discrimination, and inequity—both within our sisterhood and within our world. This page will provide updates on Kappa Alpha Theta's actions regarding our efforts on inclusion and diversity within our organization. Please check back often to learn more about what steps we are taking.

Our new Plan of Aspirations includes diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as a core component, and Theta has supported an inclusion workgroup since 2013. But these efforts simply must advance with more urgency, and we have heard your calls for Theta to do better and make real changes. Here is an update on what you can expect moving forward.

  • Our first priority is to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire organization for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to identify biases, barriers to members with marginalized identities, and ways we are failing to lead and support our members.
  • We will increase education, awareness, and training on topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • If you choose to raise money for a movement or cause, we encourage you to seek reputable organizations enacting change in your local community.

You can expect to hear from us regularly updating you on our progress.

Kappa Alpha Theta welcomes as members, in accordance with the laws of the Fraternity, college women, without regard to race, religion, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by applicable law. As some of the earliest women to attend college, Kappa Alpha Theta’s founders fought for inclusion in a frequently hostile educational and social environment. Our mission is to offer women lifelong opportunities for intellectual, and personal growth. Those who identify as women are eligible for membership in Kappa Alpha Theta.

Recent Policy Changes and Updates

DEI Task Forces Starting This Fall (Announced Oct. 8, 2020)

Task forces on several diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) topics are starting this fall. These topics were chosen based on the conversations and consultations with members (both students and alumnae). Nearly 50 members were selected to serve on these task forces. While each task force will work at its own pace, each will be supported by the DEI committee, staff, and other volunteers. The recommendations from each task force will be made to the proper authority for the specific recommendation (Grand Convention, Grand Council, a Theta committee, etc.) as well as announced on this page.

Our current task force topics are:

  • Theta ritual services and ceremonies
  • Dues assistance for undergraduate members
  • Recruitment and member orientation process
  • Theta Foundation scholarships & grants for members with underrepresented identities
  • Increase in volunteer diversity
  • Inclusion of students outside the gender binary

If you have ideas, thoughts or suggestions for any of these task forces, please let us know.

Identity-Based Affinity Groups Available to Members (Announced Sept. 25, 2020)

New identity-based affinity groups are currently being established on ThetaConnect, our members-only platform where Thetas can join like-minded groups, search for career opportunities and network with each other. More groups will be formed in the coming weeks, so members (both alumnae and collegian) are encouraged to sign up for ThetaConnect and participate in these groups.

New Director Position, E-Learning Module (Announced Sept. 1, 2020)

We are pleased to announce a new role within Theta’s volunteer workforce, the director of diversity, equity, & inclusion. The director will participate directly in Grand Council meetings. Visit the Volunteer page to learn more about this new position and how to apply. The deadline for applications is Sept. 23.

A new member orientation e-learning module has been added starting this fall. All new members will be required to complete the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion module as part of their member orientation. This module, while designed to be a part of member orientation, is available for all members and advisors. Learn more about our Member Orientation program.

Legacy Policy (announced July 23, 2020)

Effective immediately, Kappa Alpha Theta has eliminated all preferential treatment given to legacies during the recruitment process. This means that there will no longer be an automatic invitation following the first round of recruitment or an automatic placement on the chapter’s bid list.

We acknowledge that many women are not legacies because their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers simply did not have the same access to higher education or the means to join Kappa Alpha Theta. By eliminating preferential treatment for legacies, Theta ensures that potential new members are not receiving additional credit for things beyond their control, such as hometown, race, family connections, etc. Read the full announcement.

College Chapter Policies (announced July 16, 2020)

The following changes are being implemented immediately.

  • Removal of minimum high school GPA to join
  • Endorsement of a college chapter officer and/or required committee for diversity, equity and inclusion (we will be working directly with college chapter members to develop this position and/or required committee role)
  • Development of changes to recruitment policies
  • Establishment of a policy stating that no chapter or international Theta event may be held at a plantation

Resources for scholarship, recruitment, social media and member development committee guidance may be found in the chapter portal for college chapter members.

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Here are resources that we’ve found helpful. They are very comprehensive with articles, books, films, podcasts, and more. Please review and share with your members.

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The diversity, equity, and inclusion committee is constantly evaluating Theta’s efforts to build a more just future for our organization, and we welcome further insights and suggestions.