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Find out what Kappa Alpha Theta is doing to assist members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation embodies the spirit of sisterhood by supporting members through scholarships, grants, and transformative educational and leadership programs. Every gift makes a difference for members seeking to further their education, enhance their professional skills, attend leadership opportunities, or impact communities abroad.

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  • Not only have you supported Theta Foundation, but in doing so, you have also shown that you believe in the potential of other sisters, even if you have not met them. This fills my heart and makes me inexplicably proud to be a Theta. Thank you for your incredible generosity and faith in this organization.

    Kate DesCombes

    Beta Iota


  • I'm so grateful to Theta Foundation for generously supporting me in my dream of becoming a physician. I hope to one day work with medically underserved populations and be an advocate for making our healthcare system more effective for everyone. At a time when public health is at the front and center of our focus, my desire to start serving others as a physician feels more urgent than ever. I feel so fortunate to be starting medical school this year and incredibly honored to receive a scholarship to help me achieve this dream! Thank you, Theta Foundation, for believing in the value of educating women and always sending the message that our dreams are important.

    Lingzhi Liu

    Epsilon Nu

    Virginia Tech

  • Theta has changed my life for the better and rewarded me not only with long-lasting friendships and professional skills, but also support when I needed it most. I hope to continue to be a positive representative for Theta and to one day become a Theta Foundation donor to help another sister pursue her academic goals.

    Cheniece Kelleher

    Gamma Omega


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