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Why Join FHC?

Chic and classic designs, a dedicated property manager, a chapter wish list and five-year property plan, prompt and proactive maintenance ... these are among the benefits of joining the FHC.

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    Dedicated Property Manager

    The property manager is on call for the chapter 24/7. She gets to know every aspect of the house and chapter needs, and becomes a familiar face to officers and advisors.

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    Chic & Classic Design Plans

    The interior design committee is a group of Theta alumnae, all professional interior designers, who volunteer their time and talents to make our FHC properties beautiful. Our committee is focused on student-centered designs to enable academic success, healthy living, and personal growth.

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    Chapter Input Is Critical

    Each year the chapter submits a wish list of items members would like for the house. This is in addition to the five-year plan the property manager develops in conjunction with the chapter and advisors.

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    Maintenance Is a Top Priority

    Our staff addresses maintenance issues early and creates a road map for future improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join FHC

If your chapter or facility corporation is ready to talk about joining FHC, please contact us. A member of the FHC staff will be in touch.