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Although your Theta story begins during college, it doesn’t end when you graduate. Far from it, in fact! At every age and every stage of life, you have multiple options for connecting (or reconnecting) with your Theta sisters.

Pay Alumnae Dues

Voluntary alumnae dues (Only $32 a year!) enable you to receive all printed issues of the Theta Magazine, along with helping Theta recognize 25-, 50-, and 75-year Thetas; send delegates to Grand Convention; fund alumnae programs; and establish new chapters.

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Ways to Get Involved

Join ThetaConnect

Sign up for ThetaConnect to search our member directory, find or serve as a mentor, post jobs for other Thetas, connect with others in chapter groups, and so much more!

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The Fraternity could not function without the nearly 3,000 volunteers who serve our college and alumnae members.

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Find an Alumnae Group

Joining a Theta alumnae group is one way to continue your active participation after graduation.

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Become Life Loyal

By becoming Life Loyal, you ensure important programs continue to function, and you receive special communication from Theta, like receiving all printed issues of the Theta Magazine.

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Receive the Alumnae Newsletter

Four times per year, Theta alumnae with a valid email address on file receive Bettie’s Buzz, a newsletter containing the latest news and happenings, and how to stay involved as an alumna.

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Join Reading Women

Join Reading Women and participate in monthly book discussions via Facebook.

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Alumna Initiate Process

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Alumna Initiate Process

The Fraternity's alumna initiate program offers membership to exceptional women who were not a part of Greek life as college women.

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There are many ways alumnae can get involved. If you're looking to learn more about these opportunities, contact us for more information.