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The Friendship Fund

The Friendship Fund provides gifts to Thetas experiencing extreme financial hardship due to serious or terminal illness, job loss, natural disaster, and other devastating occurrences. One very important aspect of the Fund is the secrecy surrounding the giving of gifts.

Two members write letters on behalf of a sister, and the Friendship Fund committee determines the gift amount. The requesters remain anonymous to the member in need, and all records are confidential.

Since it was established in 1926, the Friendship Fund has been a tangible demonstration of the love and concern we feel for one another. It is based on a beautiful, timeless idea—sisters reaching out to sisters. During a period of need, the care, love and support demonstrated by a Friendship Fund gift has made all the difference to hundreds of Thetas.

Through the Friendship Fund, we reaffirm our belief that Kappa Alpha Theta is larger than ourselves and that what we give to one another comes full circle.

In 2023, the Friendship Fund distributed more than $50,500 in gifts to 11 Theta sisters. These gifts helped alleviate distress caused by natural disasters and tragedies, as well as other life-altering emergencies or extreme financial hardship due to job loss, death in the family, terminal illness, or other devastating occurrences.

Note that donations to the Fraternity are not tax-deductible.

Requesting a Gift

Letters requesting a gift can be mailed to Fraternity headquarters attn: Friendship Fund, or members can use the Contact Us form.

You Can Give in Two Ways


To make a gift online, click below to submit your donation with a credit card.

Donate Online

By Mail

Checks made out to Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity with "Friendship Fund" written on the memo line may be mailed to:

Kappa Alpha Theta
ATTN: Friendship Fund
8740 Founders Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268