Celebrate ThetaConnect Day on March 19!

Category: Fraternity

Laura Heinekamp

It is no coincidence ThetaConnect Day falls on the same day as National Let’s Laugh Day. ThetaConnect Day is about joy, laughter, and sisterhood. Let’s celebrate the sisterhood bond! Let’s celebrate the support, strength, and feeling of being connected to your sisters no matter where your life takes you.

Here are 10 ideas to help you connect and laugh with another Theta:

  • Try out a new restaurant. It is always such a fun experience to try new foods and a new atmosphere!
  • Run errands together. Combine your lists and tackle those items that you have been putting off … together.
  • Attempt an escape room. Escape rooms offer so many different themes and challenges – you are bound to connect with one another after trying to figure out which secret pulley is going to open the secret door that will open the special box that will help you escape!
  • See a movie. Always a classic and can’t-fail activity. Chat about the film afterward and make sure to get extra butter on your popcorn!
  • Go to a workout class. Traditional yoga? Bunny yoga? Goat yoga? Spinning? Barre? HIIT? Kickboxing? There seems to be an endless amount of workout classes these days. Band together and try something new, all while getting a good workout!
  • Have a co-working date. Whether it is a study date or a work date, make a big pot of coffee or tea and then hunker down for a few hours. You can hold each other accountable and might even create fresh ideas or insights.
  • Go to a trivia night. Many local coffee shops, bars, and restaurants host regular weekly trivia nights. Gather a group and test your knowledge!
  • Attend a sporting event. Whether it’s your local sports team, alma mater, or kid’s sporting event, invite some other Thetas and cheer on your team!
  • Go bowling. A very underrated group activity. You can bowl however many games you like, eat greasy food, and catch up between throws!
  • Grab a cup of coffee. A crowd-winner! There is no greater joy than sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee or latte while you have laugh. 

Can’t get together in person? Send a text or Facetime with a sister and work those abdominal muscles with a good laugh. e.e.cummings wrote, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” Make plans now to connect and laugh with a sister on March 19!