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On This Day

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  On This Day in 1871
Anna Elizabeth Dickinson, Abolitionist
Anna Elizabeth Dickinson is initiated as an honorary member of Alpha/DePauw.

Dickinson is a renowned orator and advocate for both women's suffrage and the abolition of slavery in the mid-19th century. She is the first woman to speak before Congress.

  On This Day in 2000
Nancy Coleman, Actor
Nancy Coleman, Alpha Lambda/Washington, dies.

In the book Women of Warner Brothers (2002), Coleman credits wearing her Theta badge as the reason she received her first audition in Hollywood. Her successful film, television, and radio career spans three decades (1941-1975).

  On This Day in 1897
Jeannette Becker Lenygon, Interior Designer and Founder of ASID
Jeannette Becker Lenygon is initiated at Tau/Northwestern.

Lenygon becomes a New York designer and founder of the American Institute of Interior Designers (1931). She collaborates with Jacqueline Kennedy to decorate and furnish the White House Library (1961).

  On This Day in 1894
Isadore Gilbert Mudge, Reference Librarian
Isadore Gilbert Mudge is initiated at Iota/Cornell.

Mudge, based at Columbia University, authors several respected works on library reference services and becomes known for virtually creating modern American academic reference library services.

  On This Day in 1892
Margaret Floy Washburn, Research Psychologist and Professor
Margaret Floy Washburn is initiated at Iota/Cornell.

In 1894, Washburn receives a PhD in Psychology at Cornell University - the first ever awarded to a woman. As a professor at Vassar, she establishes a highly successful independent department of psychology. She is one of the first two women accepted in the Society of Experimental Psychologists.

  On This Day in 1890
Elva Lucille Bascom, Editor and Librarian
Elva Lucille Bascom is initiated at Mu/Allegheny.

She is best known for her contributions to the library field, editing the American Library Association's publication Booklist from 1909 until 1913.

  On This Day in 1888
Alice Atkinson Kirson, Pioneering Latin Student, Author
Alice Atkinson Kirson is initiated at Iota/Cornell.

Kirson becomes the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in Latin at the University of Pennsylvania and writes several American history textbooks.

  On This Day in 1886
Anna Adams Baird, Missionary and Translator
Anna Adams Baird is initiated at Nu/Hanover.

As a missionary in Korea (1891-1916), Baird becomes known for translating children's songs and nursery rhymes into Korean.

  On This Day in 1885
Julia Warner Snow, Science Educator
Julia Warner Snow is initiated at Iota/Cornell.

Initially a botany instructor at Smith, Snow was the first to teach bacteriology at the college in 1902. She worked extensively on fresh water algae and discovered several new species in the early 1900s.

  On This Day in 1884
Ella D. Goff, MD, Early Physician
Ella D. Goff, M.D. is initiated at Mu/Allegheny.

Goff - a 19th century pioneer - graduates in 1891 from Boston University School of Medicine. She becomes a respected physician and member of The Women's Homeopathic Association of Pittsburgh.

  On This Day in 1883
Helen Watterson Moody, Author
Helen Watterson Moody is initiated at Epsilon/Wooster.

Moody is a pioneer in women's journalism, writing about women and marriage at the turn of the 19th century. Many reviewers considered her essays the "sanest and wittiest" on the subject.

  On This Day in 1882
Anna Botsford Comstock, Naturalist
Anna Botsford Comstock is initiated at Iota/Cornell.

Comstock becomes a leader in the nature study movement and the first female professor at Cornell University. Her acclaimed Handbook of Nature Study (1911) continues to be published into the 21st century.

  On This Day in 1881
Mary Roberts Coolidge Smith, Sociologist, Author
Mary Roberts Coolidge Smith is initiated at Iota/Cornell.

She is the first woman to gain a full-time academic position in sociology. Her 1912 classic, Why Women Are So, is the first introductory text in the field of women's studies (re-issued in 2004).

  On This Day in 1880
Florence Lyon Norton, botanist
Florence Lyon Norton is initiated at Eta/Michigan.

A botanist, Norton earns her Ph.D. in biology in 1902 and is associate professor at the University of Chicago.

  On This Day in 1880
Bertha Van Hoosen, MD, Physician
Bertha Van Hoosen, MD, is initiated at Eta/Michigan.

Van Hoosen becomes a world renowned surgeon and instructor of advanced surgical techniques. She introduces the use of "twilight sleep" for women in childbirth, and is co-founder and first president of the American Medical Women's Association (1915).

  On This Day in 1877
Elizabeth Preston Anderson, Temperance Activist
Elizabeth Preston Anderson is initiated at Alpha/DePauw.

Anderson becomes a temperance advocate and leader, serving as president of many North Dakota temperance groups.