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Grant & Scholarship Funds

Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation is committed to upholding and strengthening the Theta ideals of highest scholarship, widest influence for good and love. Our grant and scholarship funds reflect this commitment and our efforts to support the Fraternity and her members in their endeavors.

Types of Funds

Theta Foundation currently has nearly 200 funds established by individuals and college and alumnae chapters. Non-endowed funds support immediate needs, while endowment funds are held in perpetuity.

Each founding contributor is responsible for all fundraising activities necessary to establish a fund (with approval from Theta Foundation’s executive director), while Theta Foundation assumes all administrative burdens associated with accepting and acknowledging tax-deductible gifts. 

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds provide scholarship support to deserving collegian and alumnae Thetas who are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree-granting programs. Currently, the greatest need is scholarship funding that can be awarded to any deserving Theta regardless of her chapter, field of study, or hometown. Non-endowed funds are expended when all scholarship funding is awarded, while Educational Scholarship Endowment Funds (ESEFs) are held in perpetuity.

Grant Funds

Grant funds support a variety of Theta programs. Unlike scholarship funds, however, grant funds do not support individuals’ degree-granting programs. Depending on the wishes of the founding contributor, a grant fund can support the Fraternity’s educational programs, or individual collegian and alumnae Thetas and college and alumnae chapters for non-degree educational, leadership training and service-learning opportunities. Donors can establish a non-endowed grant fund or a Named Grant Endowment Fund (NGEF) to be held in perpetuity.

Establish a Fund

Reach out to us about leaving a legacy and establishing a fund with Theta Foundation.