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Posted On: Friday, April 14, 2017 07:18 AM, by Rachel Radmacher

It's that time of year again; finals are right around the corner. As we all make our extremely long to-do lists and wrap up those final projects I wanted to provide you with a few study tips to help you knock your finals out of the park.

  • Get in the zone: Take note of your three favorite study spots, and rotate where you study. Research shows that you perform better on tests when you don't study at the same spot. Switch it up! Is the weather nice? Study outside for the afternoon to soak up some extra vitamin D!

  • Make it colorful: Who said studying has to be boring? Buy some colorful pens, markers, and highlighters and make your notecards or study sheets a work of art. Isn't it always more fun to take notes with fun colors?

  • Eat up: It is so easy to eat poorly during finals: You are stuck in the library with nothing but the vending machine. Plan ahead! Go to the grocery store now and stock up on fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks. Never be without a quick snack!

  • All about the jams: The only thing that would get me through studying was a great playlist. Find what works for you. Maybe it is listening to the same song on repeat. Maybe it is instrumental music or movie scores. Or maybe some summer jams to get you thinking about what lies on the other side of all your tests. Whatever it is, get your headphones and get your head in the game!

  • Reward yourself: Sometimes the worst part of finals is that you study so hard for one test, take it, then have another one within 24 hours. Don't forget to reward yourself for the hard work you already put in. Finish one test, get some ice cream, call a friend, watch a movie. Take a few hours before you jump into preparing for your next test or project. It will clear your mind and help you feel refreshed.

  • Partner up: It is always good to study with a buddy. The night before the test, partner up and quiz each other on the information. You can both learn from each other's mistakes!

  • Be the teacher: Before the test, go to a study room and pretend to be your professor. Act like you are teaching the test material to a class. A good proof of whether or not you know the material is if you can explain it to someone else!

  • Tutoring: Before it's too late, go ahead and set up a tutoring appointment for all of your classes. Review with the tutor all the content you struggled with throughout the year. A tutor can also be an excellent resource for study tips or important content that might be on the test.

  • Dress for success: You know what they say: when you dress good, you feel good; when you feel good, you do good. Don't take your next test in sweats; put on clothes that make you feel good! This might have only a slight impact on your attitude and performance, but one percentage point is the difference between an A and a B!

  • Office hours: Schedule time to visit each of your professors before your big test. When they can put a face to a name, they are much more likely to boost you from a B to an A if you are on the line. Also, they might even let you know a few of the test questions!

While studying and finals can be tough, I promise you will have some good memories during this stressful time. Some of my favorite memories are from staying up late studying with my friends. And if you adequately prepare yourself, you will see great success. Good luck, and remember, highest scholarship is Theta's intellectual aim!

Rachel Radmacher, Eta Omega/St. Louis, is a first-year educational leadership consultant.

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