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Posted On: Thursday, June 25, 2015 08:15 AM, by Aquene Kenerson
Jenny, center, and Zeta Mu/MIT members during recruitment, September 2001.
Jenny Nichols, Psi/Wisconsin, was hired as an educational leadership consultant from 2001-2002. Jenny traveled full-time and visited a total of 18 states over the course of nine months! In addition, Jenny assisted with the reestablishment of Beta Theta/Idaho in the fall of 2001. Currently, Jenny works for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Community Health and Education, assisting with the implementation of health education in Milwaukee public schools. She serves the Fraternity as a college district director, and is a member of the Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter.

Having lived in Wisconsin for most of her life, Jenny found the ELC position to be the perfect opportunity to see the country. In her work as an ELC, she developed independence, professionalism, and travel savviness. Additionally, one of the greatest abilities Jenny feels she cultivated is remaining composed in the face of adversity or difficult situations.

During her travels, Jenny recalls many notable and memorable experiences visiting different schools and cities that have stayed with her. Jenny was on the road during the terror attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. She recounts this as a terrifying and surreal experience, and remembers the relief after learning the entire ELC team was safe.

Looking back on her year as an ELC, Jenny feels that one of her biggest takeaways will always be her deep connection to Theta. "The friendships I've made as a Theta volunteer are so meaningful to me and keep me going when things get tough - in my volunteer, personal, and professional life."

Aquene Kenerson, Epsilon Psi/Richmond, will serve Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity during the next school year as a second-year educational leadership consultant.

Posted On: Friday, March 21, 2014 04:15 PM, by April Brown
ELC April standing near the Tulane "bead tree."
One of my favorite things to experience while on a chapter visit is getting to know the different campus cultures and traditions celebrated on each campus.

As an organization, we can all celebrate in the ritual we share in being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and knowing that no matter what school I am visiting our ritual is perfectly mirrored on each campus. Our ritual is what allows us to regularly identify with our values as an organization on a daily basis.

What distinguishes each chapter in Kappa Alpha Theta is the school and campus each chapter is established.

As a collegian, on my campus at Eta Theta/University of Central Florida (UCF) there were only five times in your collegian career we were allowed in the campus Reflection Pond. Each year for homecoming UCF hosted its annual "Spirit Splash" which was our homecoming pep rally where everyone can celebrate by running into the fountain. It was also a tradition for all seniors to take graduation photos in the Reflection Pond on the day of their graduation.

Some of my favorite campus traditions I have seen throughout my time as an educational leadership consultant (ELC) have been:

1. While visiting Zeta Mu/MIT last spring I had the opportunity to admire the "Brass Rats" the sophomore members had just received. "Brass Rats" are large, heavy, distinct class rings designed each year to reflect the unique character on the MIT experience for that class.

2. Similarly, one of our newest chapters I had the privilege of establishing, Theta Theta/NC State has their class rings "spend the night" in the campus' Belltower. The Belltower is also lit red on the night of athletic victories and celebrating certain academic achievements.

3. Recently, while visiting our Alpha Phi/Tulane chapter in New Orleans I was able to see the "bead tree" in which students are able to throw beaded necklaces from celebrating Mardi Gras each year. Mardi Gras in New Orleans is an iconic event that kicks off the season of lent.

What are some of your favorite campus traditions that you celebrate on your campus?

April Brown, Eta Theta/University of Central Florida, Educational Leadership Consultant

Posted On: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 09:20 AM, by Maddie Intfen
The charter member class of the Theta Theta chapter at North Carolina State University.
I have heard the phrase, "Theta for a lifetime" since the moment I pledged to uphold the values and ideals of Kappa Alpha Theta. "Theta for a lifetime" was a phrase that I knew would mean something far greater after my days as an active collegian member were over. As the establishment weekend for the Theta Theta chapter at North Carolina State University comes to an end, I have once again been reminded that my membership to Kappa Alpha Theta is for a lifetime.

Having the incredible opportunity to be based with the newly established Theta Theta chapter, I have been able to form relationships with Theta women of all ages and generations and I have seen how Theta is and continues to be an important part of each member's life.

Whether it is a newly pledged charter member of the Theta Theta chapter who wants to create the traditions and legacies as a leading woman on State's campus or a recent graduate alumna who wants to serve on the advisory board or a group of alumnae gathering for lunch, membership in Kappa Alpha Theta is for a lifetime.

Walking across the stage at college graduation does not signify the end of your membership, but rather a continuation of the values and ideals pledged upon membership to Kappa Alpha Theta.

Maddie Intfen, Delta Eta/Kansas State University, Educational Leadership Consultant