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Posted On: Thursday, June 11, 2015 07:45 AM, by Aquene Kenerson
Julie Ruffolo Gilpin
Julie Gilpin, Alpha/DePauw, served as an educational leadership consultant in 1993. Since her time as an ELC, Julie has excelled in the human resources field and has been an active community volunteer. She has served as a Fraternity volunteer in many different capacities, highlighted by her eight years on Grand Council.

Julie was inspired to apply for the ELC position by her Theta advisor and role model at DePauw. As an ELC, Julie visited more than 20 college campuses and, to this day, she still keeps in contact with women she met on the road! During her year of traveling for the Fraternity, Julie feels that she learned an enormous amount about Theta and herself, and particularly how to travel.

In her professional life, Julie credits many of the skills she learned as an ELC for her successes in the business and HR consulting field. Julie states, "Being an ELC enhanced my presentation skills, my ability to meet new people in any also helped me learn to resolve conflicts in groups of people and teams. I use all of these skills every day." In addition, Julie often finds herself speaking in front of large crowds, and feels that being an ELC helped pave the way for her public speaking ability.

The professionalism, positivity, and friendships that Julie developed on the road are components of her ELC experience she continues to value today. Julie also notes about her decision to be an ELC, "I got my offer to be an ELC on my birthday. I know it is one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive!"

Aquene Kenerson, Epsilon Psi/Richmond, will serve Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity during the next school year as a second-year educational leadership consultant.

Posted On: Friday, April 10, 2015 09:13 AM, by Alyssa Barnes
The 2014-2015 ELC team with NPC Delegate Mary Jane Beach during training this summer.
Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for the women who give their time, love, and care to better our Fraternity each and every day on a volunteer basis. Thinking back to my own collegiate experience, I remember feeling that I would be lost without the guidance of my chapter advisors. Now being on the road working with local advisors, district directors, committee chairmen, and Grand Council, I am in awe of the number of women who have committed themselves to aid Thetas all around the world. They firmly believe in the principles on which Bettie Locke founded this organization upon 145 years ago. They are dedicated to supporting our mission statement that reads, "Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member throughout her college and alumnae experience and to offer a lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual, and moral growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of mature life." Most importantly, they truly embody and are prime examples of Leading Women.

During my time as an ELC, I have been thanked hundreds of times by so many individuals, but always by Fraternity volunteers. While I am so appreciative for their kind words and constant encouragement, the roles should be reversed. I should constantly be thanking them for their dedicated service. These women are working full time, taking care of their families, battling diseases, and juggling a hundred different obligations, but still find time to give back to Kappa Alpha Theta.

On my visits, one of the first questions I ask during my meetings with a collegian is about their relationship with their respective advisor. The answers I have received have served an inspiration in themselves. So many of them have told me stories about how integral their advisor is to the success of their chapter. Many times, these women have told me that their advisor is an inspiration and serves as a true role model to them. On the flip side, during my meetings with an advisor, I am always curious to learn why they made the decision to advise. While their answers and stories range, their firm belief in membership in Kappa Alpha Theta remains the same. It is their enjoyment in watching women grow and develop throughout their collegiate experience. Above all, it is their love and passion for this organization that keeps them returning year after year.

In closing, I would simply like to say thank you. I know many times volunteer work can be a thankless job, but please know just how important you all are to the success of the Fraternity. It is my firm belief the Fraternity would not be able to function at the level that it does without you all. You women inspire me, challenge me, and encourage me to serve this organization to the best of my ability. Through your dedicated service, you remind me just how valuable membership truly is.

Have you thanked a Fraternity volunteer today? Take the time to let them know the kind of impact and influence they have had on your membership in Kappa Alpha Theta.

Alyssa Barnes, Educational Leadership Consultant, Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University