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ELC Blog

Posted On: Friday, January 27, 2017 07:47 AM, by Tamara Hansen

How lucky are we to belong to a sisterhood of women that has not just lasted but thrived for the past 147 years? I often think about the strength, determination, and resilience of our four founders on that long-ago 27th day of January in Greencastle, Indiana. At a time when college was not a place where women were welcomed, these four leading women, wearing their badges, walked proudly through the doors of the Asbury chapel despite the male students who scoffed at and mocked them.

Founders Day is celebrated in several ways. Whether at a brunch, an afternoon tea, or another type of event, I ask that you take a moment to reflect on the efforts and strengths of the women who have come before us. Imagine the fortitude and passion of women who had to fight for the right to an education, not only for themselves but for all who would come after them.

Founders Day is a time to remember that belonging to Kappa Alpha Theta is truly an honor and a privilege. It is a time to be grateful for our ability to receive a college education and have a place to call home; women to call our sisters; and an organization to empower us to be our best selves academically, morally, and socially.

In my time traveling as an educational leadership consultant (ELC), I have been inspired by the quality and accomplishments of the women who represent Kappa Alpha Theta. Every Theta I come to know reminds me that I am honored to be a part of such a remarkable organization. In my time as a based consultant reestablishing the Epsilon Nu Chapter at Virginia Tech, I am already so impressed by the caliber of women who are pursuing the opportunity to join our sisterhood.

Thank you to Bettie Locke Hamilton, Alice Allen Brant, Hannah Fitch Shaw, and Bettie Tipton Lindsey. We would not be who we are today with your leadership and love.

Tamara Hansen, Gamma Chi/Fresno State, is a first-year educational leadership consultant.

Posted On: Monday, March 30, 2015 10:49 AM, by Alexa Borowski
Alexa at Auburn University on one of her recent visits this spring.
If you've interacted with an ELC or another fraternity volunteer, you might have noticed our unique sign off. Between the last thought and signature, you'll see us all close with "Loyally." Throughout college I interacted with staff and volunteers and mindlessly used the same closing. As an ELC, only after 26 visits, 15 states, hundreds of collegians and countless emails, I'm only beginning to understand my loyal promises.

Life on the road is fun! It is also challenging, surprising, confusing, and exhausting. Though every day is a new challenge, it's a new way for me to be an earnest, faithful and enthusiastic worker for the Fraternity. Some days it means delivering good news, celebrating success and giving a "keep doing what you're doing" encouragement. Other days it means having the tough conversation, correcting missteps, or redirecting officer's energies in a more productive way. Some days are hard, some days are great. However, every day is worth it.

My loyal promise is to give my best when my best is needed. I was recently re-assigned from being a full-time traveling consultant to a based consultant with our newest chapter, Theta Kappa at University of Louisville. Though I was excited for a new experience, I'm always nervous to try something new. It's been a wonderful few months in Kentucky, and I have Ioved having the opportunity to experience based life. It comes with new challenges and tests, but not with its own successes and triumphs. Either way, the ELC program continues to influence my life every day.

The growth and maturity I've seen in myself these few short months are priceless and invaluable to my future career. The ELC program has developed me professionally and honed my soft skills to ensure that I will continue to be a hard worker in pursuit of all my aspirations. It's pulled me from my previous expectations for myself to a place where I'm no longer afraid to run toward my dreams.

I am forever indebted to this Fraternity and the ELC Program. Just as Theta transformed my collegiate experience at Texas Tech, the Fraternity has once again made a pure, deep and influential impression that has altered me forever. I'll never be able to articulate just how much Bettie and her friends changed my life, but I am grateful and blessed.

As March comes to a close and April's showers cleanse and bring new clarity, it is my sincerest hope that each of us find what "Loyally" means to us. My best to you as you find your place in this amazing organization and allow the Fraternity's promises to push you towards your best self.

Loyally, Alexa.

Interested in becoming an ELC and transforming your perspective? Check out @thetaelcs on Instagram or Kappa Alpha Theta ELCs on Facebook to keep up with all the ELCs as they travel throughout the year and support our college chapters!

Alexa Borowski, Educational Leadership Consultant, Gamma Phi/Texas Tech University