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Posted On: Friday, February 17, 2017 08:01 AM, by Becca McAlexander

While Valentine's Day provides a scheduled opportunity for families, partners, and friends to shower one another with love, affection, and cheap candy, I enjoy celebrating the unofficially titled "Galentine's Day" on February 13. To me, this day serves as a chance to reflect on the impressive and vibrant women I have crossed paths with in my life and who I continue to emulate and admire each day.

I spent the last week working with fellow ELCs, Fraternity volunteers, HQ staff, and alumnae at Gamma Kappa Chapter's reestablishment at George Washington University. As I met new member after new member and saw friendships budding between the overwhelmed—but enthusiastic—women, I was continuously overcome with emotions of excitement, sincerity, and love as I thought about these women beginning their experience with Kappa Alpha Theta.

Bettie, Hannah, Alice, and Bettie sparked the original Theta bond. Today, the love I have for the Fraternity and its members is due in part to our founders, but also to the contemporary women who have shaped my own Theta experience. Love can present itself in different and often unexpected ways, but the love that exists in the Fraternity appears in many facets of my life.

It is pride for the international organization of which I am a part and my constant effort to better the chapters I work with while traveling around the continent.

It is my excitement for the Gamma Kappa charter members and all new members who have yet to realize the impact Kappa Alpha Theta will have on their lives and my gratitude for the exposure to new cities, good eats, fresh ideas, and worldly perspectives.

It is support of and from my peers who continue to pursue the widest influence for good in all their endeavors, and it is my appreciation for the brilliant, creative, authentic, hardworking, talented, conscientious, thoughtful, and inspiring members of Kappa Alpha Theta who are unapologetically themselves.

Becca McAlexander, Gamma Mu/Maryland, is a first-year educational leadership consultant.

Posted On: Friday, October 21, 2016 07:32 AM, by Ansley Howze
L-R: ELCs Meghan Finke and Ansley Howze at Epsilon Theta/Stetson

Kappa Alpha Theta has had a busy fall with the establishment of five new college chapters! From coast to coast, these new chapters will lay the foundation on their campus this semester, and for the success of the chapter for years to come. Being a charter member is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and many leading women at these universities will share in this special opportunity. Just a few years ago, I was in those very shoes as I became a charter member of Eta Phi/Belmont. Very quickly I realized that Theta was one of the most incredible opportunities I would have during my college years.

The women I got to know through my charter experience are without a doubt the most inspiring, smart, incredible women I have ever met. Looking back, it was such a journey starting at the little table outside of our student life center where ELCs Katie and Joni spent hours recruiting our charter class. Each new member became an instrumental part of each step since day one; over the next few years we stood by each other to celebrate the highs and work through the growing pains.

What Theta and each new member creates in a charter class is really something special. Each member has the chance to be a part of something so much bigger than any one of us. These chapters are given the support and guidance to be unstoppable. I've enjoyed watching the amazing things Eta Phi has done over the years and I know there are even bigger, better things coming in the future! The start of a legacy is created that first year as a chapter, and it is remarkable to see several years down the road what these chapters will have accomplished—all because the charter members had a hand in setting it up for success.

I have had the amazing opportunity this year to see my Theta experience come full circle as I have helped reestablish Epsilon Theta/Stetson. With their recent Bid Day celebration, the new Epsilon Theta charter members were welcomed into Theta and I know for certain that they will have many life-changing experiences that lie ahead. I can't contain my excitement for each and every one of these women!

Are you a charter member of your college chapter? What special memories or experiences have you had because of Theta? Share in the Comments section below!

Ansley Howze, Eta Phi/Belmont, is a first-year educational leadership consultant.

Posted On: Thursday, November 19, 2015 07:57 AM, by Sam Golden
Theta's ELCs with Theta Lambda's charter

On Saturday, November 14th, the Theta Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was installed!

Theta Lambda Chapter was the 98th chapter installation the educational leadership consultant program has been a part of. The ELC program has existed since 1959, and for the past 56 years, ELCs have been working with the establishment, reestablishment, and installation of Kappa Alpha Theta chapters across the United States and Canada.

Two ELCs have been based in Rochester New York, working hard to find students who embody the values of Kappa Alpha Theta and who want to become leading women on their campus by joining a brand-new chapter. The based consultants have received a lot of support in their efforts, from Fraternity headquarters and volunteers, other ELCs, and alumnae. Since the Theta Lambda Chapter establishment, the ELCs have educated and built bonds of sisterhood with and among 57 chapter members.

Five educational leadership consultants were present at the University of Rochester to help with installation. These ELCs had the opportunity to work with the Fraternity president and Fraternity ritualist, Kappa Alpha Theta executive director, and assistant director of chapter services, as well as an alumnae district director, recruitment and Panhellenic district director, and local alumnae who are serving as Theta Lambda Chapter advisors.

The day of installation was more than special. The assisting ELCs were especially excited for the based consultants who have been directly working with the Theta Lambda charter members since August. Seeing 57 charter members initiated was inspiring, and seeing all initiated members sign the Theta Lambda charter was both a moving and historic event for Kappa Alpha Theta.

There were so many individuals who made the establishment and installation of Theta Lambda Chapter happen, but it is very amazing to think that ELCs have been helping with the establishment and installation of chapter for 56 years!

Samantha Golden, Beta Nu/Florida State, is a first-year educational leadership consultant.