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Find out what Kappa Alpha Theta is doing to assist members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kappa Alpha Theta headquarters is staffed by approximately 50 women and men who manage administrative aspects of the Fraternity, Theta Foundation and Fraternity Housing Corporation.

History of Theta Headquarters

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History of Theta Headquarters

The first salaried position established by Kappa Alpha Theta was that of the editor in 1891. In 1909, the editor and grand secretary positions combined. L. Pearle Green, Grand Secretary from 1909 to 1939 and editor from 1911 to 1949, worked out of her sister's home in Ithaca, New York, and for many years this early home office served as the defacto central office of Kappa Alpha Theta. In 1922, Grand Council allocated funds for a central executive office with a secretary, clerical assistant, office rent, and equipment. 

Visit the Heritage Museum

  • Heritage Museum 1

    The Heritage Museum

    The Heritage Museum at Theta headquarters reflects sorority and fraternity history in the US and Canada as demonstrated by resources and artifacts from our archives. Visitors’ exploration begins with a timeline that shows how groups like Theta are created within the context of North American history. 

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    The Heritage Museum

    Other exhibits illustrate how women’s groups like Theta aided the development of women in higher education and shaped members’ experiences on college campuses. 

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    The Heritage Museum

    Examples of clothing from our archives reflect women’s changing experience over the years, while photos and documents show how philanthropic activities by Theta Foundation and individual collegians and alumnae have been a part of the Greek life experience. 

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    The Heritage Museum

    The museum is open to the public and Thetas alike on Thursdays by appointment only. At this time, we require that masks be worn and visitors use the available hand-sanitizing stations. Some access may be limited to protect our visitors’ health.

Schedule a Tour

Schedule a visit or a tour of the Heritage Museum. We recommend at least two weeks' notice.