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Filing the FAFSA: 2019-20 FAFSA Resources

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Mary Kate Smith

Gamma, Butler

As Theta Foundation prepares for the launch of the 2019 Scholarship Application in January, we wanted to compile and provide information that may be helpful to potential applicants as well as any Theta seeking to pursue a degree program during the next academic year.

The 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) became available on October 1! In order to help get you started on what can sometimes be a daunting task, we have gathered a few resources to assist both students and parents in successfully completing the form. Be sure you have everything you need to submit your FAFSA as soon as possible!

  • The Edvisors's Filing the FAFSA Guide 2019-2020 Edition: Learn from financial aid experts through this interactive guide that breaks down the application form to help make filing the FAFSA quick and easy. A must-read for students and parents!
  • 2019-20 Completing the FAFSA Form: This comprehensive resource from the U.S. Department of Education walks through each question in the FAFSA form.
  • Myths About Financial Aid: Think you don’t need to apply for federal financial aid? You could be missing out! Read this short and sweet resource to get the scoop on why everyone who’s going to college should file the FAFSA.

If you have questions about submitting the FAFSA or your eligibility for financial aid, please contact a financial aid counselor at your school for more information.