Jami Harrison Slaton

Alpha Sigma, Washington State

How to Give a Pansy in 5 Easy Steps

Pansy Patch is back! Celebrating your Theta sisters, friends, and family has never been easier—you can give pansies on your phone, tablet, or computer in just a few clicks. Whether you’re new to Pansy Patch or just need a refresher, following these five steps will help you purchase a pansy for the Thetas you care about in no time.

1. Visit www.PansyPatch.org. Here, you can learn all about our Grand Convention fundraiser and how the Pansy Patch seed was planted. You can check out the Leaderboards to see current college Chapter Standings, share Pansy Patch with your sisters, and, of course, Give a Pansy!

Pansy Patch

2. After clicking Give a Pansy, use the Sister Search function to search for your sisters. You can search using their first and/or last name, chapter, or college/university name. You can also search some popular Theta groups, including current Theta Foundation Trustees, Fraternity Grand Council, ELCs, and Kappa Alpha Theta staff at headquarters.

Giving a pansy

When you see the search results, give a pansy to members of a group by pressing the + sign next to their name, or by selecting “All” to add every member of the group to your Pansy Cart. If you are searching for one Theta by last name or chapter, scroll through the results to find and add her. You can also give pansies in memory of a Theta, including our four founders!

Pansy Patch dedication

3. Once you find the Theta or Thetas for whom you wish to give pansies, click “Proceed to Cart” and an overview of all the pansies will appear. You can give more than one pansy to each Theta, add a new email address if one was not found in our database, or add a new name—maybe a friend or family member who isn’t a Theta! If you couldn’t find a Theta sister, you can also add her name here. When you’re ready to submit your donation, select “Go To Checkout.”

Pansy Patch checkout

4. Back again this year are Power Pansy Challenges, adding a little competition to Pansy Patch! When you are checking out, please be sure to select an “Associated Chapter,” even if you aren’t a member. The number of pansies you purchase will be added to that chapter’s total in the Chapter Standings. Collegians from top chapters in the Chapter Standings will be eligible for Pansy Patch Scholarships in 2019—but we won’t know if it is the top 5, 10, or 20 until the end of Pansy Patch!

Pansy Patch Donor Info

5. Before submitting your payment, you can share why you are investing in Pansy Patch, or go ahead and press “Submit My Payment.” Your honorees will receive an email notification that you’ve been thinking of them, and maybe be inspired to send some pansies of their own!

Pansy Patch comments

Congratulations! You’ve successfully sent a pansy! With every pansy purchased, you are helping Theta Foundation provide opportunities for Thetas to achieve their dreams and reach their fullest potential. Thank you for helping our Pansy Patch bloom and don’t forget, Pansy Patch is open until June 30—you can always come back to give more!

Questions about Pansy Patch? Please reach out through our Contact Us page.

In 2008, Theta Foundation began offering a special way for donors to honor a sister, parent, child, or friend, all while supporting the outstanding initiatives and programs that have made Theta Foundation a leader among fraternal foundations. Pansy Patch has since become a tradition at Grand Convention, providing an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the special Thetas in their lives and support the goals and dreams of Theta’s leading women. Let your thoughtfulness bloom. Purchase a pansy today!