Kristen Kaiser

Alpha, DePauw

Introducing the “Power” behind Power Pansies

Kristen Kaiser, Theta Foundation Executive Director

In less than three weeks, Thetas, parents, and friends have sent more than 3,800 pansies, marking the strongest start to Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation’s Pansy Patch campaign to date! The $20,000 raised thus far is the equivalent to nearly one-quarter of the overall amount raised through Pansy Patch in 2014. Each pansy given represents a Theta who has been thoughtfully honored, and it also creates opportunities—opportunities made possible through the educational, leadership, and philanthropic programs of the Fraternity. And this year, there is a unique opportunity to support one of your own chapter sisters.

“Power” can mean many things, among them, the ability to act or produce an effect. Giving pansies has always been a thoughtful act that has produced positive effects, but this year the potential to produce a powerful effect is even greater than before! Whether you purchase one pansy or 100 pansies, you have the power to make a difference.

Now that we’ve reached $20,000, we’re unveiling what our Power Pansies are: one-time scholarships!

Each time a Power Pansy is unlocked, one-time merit-based Pansy Patch Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 for the 2017-2018 Academic Year are also unlocked. There are four Power Pansies to unlock throughout the duration of the 2016 Pansy Patch campaign. The total number of one-time scholarships to be unlocked in each Power Pansy will remain a surprise, but we can assure you that as each Power Pansy is unlocked, the potential to support Theta sisters will grow exponentially.

On June 25, the conclusion of Pansy Patch at Grand Convention, we’ll unlock the final Power Pansy and announce the total number of Pansy Patch Scholarships to be awarded for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. One of each of the available Pansy Patch Scholarships will be designated to each of the top-ranked college chapters. Rankings are based on the total number of pansies designated to each college chapter, and all collegians from those college chapters will be eligible to apply for a Pansy Patch Scholarship. (You can find more specifics about the eligibility of the Pansy Patch Scholarships at by clicking the Rules and Regulations link at the bottom of the page.)

Like every individual pansy, Power Pansies are made possible thanks to the thoughtfulness of donors. Each Power Pansy represents a special gift of $5,000. In lieu of sending 1,000 pansies, these donors are making special gifts of $5,000, intended to inspire you. They’ve allocated their gifts to provide a $2,000 one-time merit-based Pansy Patch Scholarship for the 2017-2018 Academic Year and $3,000 to support the educational and leadership programs of the Fraternity, just as your individual $5 pansies do. They hope you are inspired to give pansies to the Thetas who mean so much to you, and in doing so, to invest in the Leading Women of Kappa Alpha Theta.

After learning all about Power Pansies, you may be asking, “When will we unlock a Power Pansy?” We have an answer: we’ll unlock our first Power Pansy when we reach $25,000.

We hope you will join our Power Pansy donors and the more than 450 pansy planters who have already demonstrated how powerful the thoughtfulness of giving pansies can be. Through the simple act of giving a pansy, we can produce a powerful effect that impacts the leading women of Kappa Alpha Theta, perhaps even a sister in your own college chapter.

Pansy Patch is Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation’s official Grand Convention fundraiser. You don’t have to attend Grand Convention to participate, and in fact, you don’t even have to be a Theta! For just $5, Thetas, parents, spouses, friends, and supporters can give a pansy to the Thetas they love and care for. These gifts create a spectacular Pansy Patch at Grand Convention and are an investment in Theta’s leading women and strengthen and protect our beloved and evolving Fraternity. Share your love and thoughtfulness by sending a pansy at today.

If you’re interested in creating a Power Pansy of your own, contact Gift Officer Justine Rosenberg at 1.800.526.1870 ext. 117 or