Jami Harrison Slaton

Alpha Sigma, Washington State

Q&A with a Power Pansy Donor

TJ Condon
Foundation Trustee TJ Condon, Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson visiting the Pansy Patch at Grand Convention 2016 in Phoenix.

Pansy Patch 2016 was a record breaker, due to the incredible power of Power Pansies. Some of Theta Foundation’s most loyal donors stepped up with major gifts in support of Pansy Patch and the new Pansy Patch Scholarships, and 18 collegians received a one-time, merit-based scholarship as a result. What made them eligible? The competition in Pansy Patch, of course! With every pansy sent, the total pansies from the donor’s chapter—or “Associated Chapter” selected at checkout—went towards the chapter’s overall total. The more pansies sent, the higher the chapter moved in the Chapter Standings. The number of Pansy Patch Scholarships available determines whether it will be the top 5 chapters, top 10, or more!

Q: You have shared Pansy Patch is your favorite Theta Foundation event—what makes it so special?

A: When you have the opportunity to tell someone what a positive difference she has made in your life -- what a wonderful feeling that is! Pansy Patch is great way to recognize the special people in your life. Maybe you have a sister who has been a mentor, or helped you out when you really needed it, or makes you laugh until your face is sore? Show her a little love with a Pansy.

Q: Your first year participating in Pansy Patch was 2010 (you gave $65!); what is it like, now being able to make such a transformative gift with your own Power Pansy?

A: Before I became a Foundation Trustee, I had the privilege to serve on the Individual and Chapter Grants and Scholarship Committees. I got so see first-hand how Theta Foundation support can positively transform the life of a sister by helping her pursue her academic or professional passions, while promoting the widest influence for good. And with the Pansy Patch Scholarship built into my Power pansy, I love that I get to help a deserving sister pursue her dreams. I’m thrilled to do what I can to help women leaders soar.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about how you celebrated Pansy Patch 2016?

A: During Pansy Patch 2016, I had one of those birthday years ending in zero. I thought: What better way to celebrate than by giving back to the organization that has given me so much? I asked friends and family to skip a gift and consider giving a Pansy. And gave they did!

Q: What would you like our Theta sisterhood to know about Pansy Patch?

A: We are all people leading very busy lives—work, family, activities, volunteering. What’s great about Pansy Patch is you can take just a few seconds of your day to celebrate that wonderful feeling of sisterhood and put a smile on someone's face.

Q: What else should we know about your love for Pansy Patch?

A: My best friend is a foster mom. I loved that I was able to honor her with a virtual bouquet of special CASA pansies at last year's Grand Convention.


One year, I think I bought somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pansies on my phone while getting a root canal. I still feel badly because I forgot to buy one for my dentist!

TJ’s Pansy Patch Scholarship was revealed when Pansy Patch 2018 reached $18,700, in honor of Theta's founding year. In 2019, a collegian will directly benefit from her gift—but of course not without the help from all the Pansy Patch donors that helped us reach our first milestone.

Power Pansy Challenges will be announced throughout Pansy Patch 2018 as we reach giving milestones. Check out Facebook page and www.PansyPatch.org to see the progress and which chapters are leading the Chapter Standings.

Questions about Pansy Patch? Please reach out through our Contact Us page.

In 2008, Theta Foundation began offering a special way for donors to honor a sister, parent, child, or friend, all while supporting the outstanding initiatives and programs that have made Theta Foundation a leader among fraternal foundations. Pansy Patch has since become a tradition at Grand Convention, providing an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the special Thetas in their lives and support the goals and dreams of Theta’s leading women. Let your thoughtfulness bloom. Purchase a pansy today!