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Theta Foundation’s Scholarships Directory

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Mary Kate Smith

Gamma, Butler

I am excited to tell you about the newest addition to Theta’s website: the Scholarships Directory! As Theta Foundation’s programs director, I am inspired every day by the generosity of our loyal donors and the positive impact their gifts make on Thetas pursuing higher education.

My vision for the new Scholarships Directory stems from the many instances in which scholarship recipients have approached me asking to learn more about the scholarship they received and the person (or people) behind it. They are eager to learn more about the stories behind these generous investments.

For donors, I wanted to prioritize collecting and preserving information about the inspiration behind their special gifts. While we do collect high-level information during the scholarship establishment process, we were missing the heartfelt stories behind these scholarships. I wanted to ensure that our donors knew their stories were being told, and that those stories would live on for years to come. For many, these scholarships are a significant part of their legacy, and it is important to showcase that legacy somewhere easily accessible to members and non-members alike.

It has been an honor to learn more about the scholarships we award each year. I have sat at my desk in tears more than once reading about the inspiration behind a scholarship!

We plan to continuously add to this new web page as we gather more information and reach more donors. As you can imagine, it will take some digging, but we are committed to eventually including all our 200+ scholarships on this page!