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Why YOU Should Apply for a Theta Foundation Scholarship

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Rachel Soll

Eta Xi, Quinnipiac

Theta Foundation’s annual scholarship application opens this week! At Theta Foundation, we are proud to support college and alumnae members with merit-based and need-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study. As we prepare for the application to open, we want to share words of encouragement from a few of last year’s recipients. Read on to learn more about their experience applying for (and receiving!) a Theta Foundation scholarship.

“Receiving a Theta Foundation scholarship tremendously helped me reduce the financial burden of attending my university, allowing me to instead focus on extracurriculars and other activities that enrich my experience.

I think anyone considering applying for Theta Foundation scholarships should absolutely do so! The application process is wonderful because you do not need to apply to every scholarship that you qualify for; instead, you just fill out a single application, which makes things a lot simpler. While the application does take some time to complete, you can save your progress and complete it over several sessions, making it easy to work on in small parts over a longer period.”
Elizabeth Yasa, Beta Psi/McGill

“All Thetas should apply for a Theta Foundation scholarship! When I applied, I had no expectations. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just fill out an application! Theta Foundation scholarships are offered for such a diverse range of accomplishments, so you never know what might happen!
This scholarship has allowed me to complete my undergraduate studies debt-free so that I may pursue my goal of obtaining a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology. Having the support of Theta Foundation has been invaluable, and I am so grateful for the opportunities this scholarship has provided me. I know that whatever the future holds, I will have members of Theta rooting for me, and I owe so much gratitude to the Theta Foundation for making my goals a reality.”
Madison Glatz, Delta Omicron/Alabama

“If you are even slightly considering applying for a Theta Foundation scholarship, I strongly encourage you to do so! No matter the amount you potentially receive, a scholarship will have far-reaching impacts beyond what you can imagine. Theta Foundation makes it incredibly easy to apply using the SmarterSelect platform. It allowed me to track the progress of my application and would alert me when recommendations were submitted on my behalf, making it easy to stay organized.
Being selected as a recipient was a game changer for me. I attend a private university as an out-of-state student, so when it comes to tuition assistance, I need all the help I can get! Receiving a Theta Foundation scholarship helped lift an incredible weight off my shoulders. The scholarship assisted me in covering my tuition and removed the uncertainty about if I would earn enough at my job to pay for my expenses. I felt supported and empowered by Theta Foundation to pursue my academic and extracurricular passions. With less pressure, I have been able to focus on what is important to me, deepening connections and relationships with those around me and growing as a person.”
Elizabeth Romantz, Alpha Phi/Tulane

Theta Foundation’s scholarship application opens on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023. If you will pursue a degree during the upcoming academic year, apply!