Noraleen DuVall Young

Alpha Chi, Purdue

April 2018 Archives News

Just this morning, pansies were planted here at headquarters. There were also a few snow flurries, but the pansies are a sign that it might actually be spring.

The other notable development around headquarters is that it is a Grand Convention year. We are busy with all the details surrounding the event that brings together Thetas from our college and alumnae chapters to do the business of the Fraternity as well as offers an opportunity to connect with our sisters. For me, here in the archives, it allows me to share the wealth of wonderful content that we have about previous Grand Conventions. You can Remember Convention via the Exhibits tab of the Heritage website. There are many great quotes from attendees of those past meetings. There are also several articles about conventions in the Magazine Articles section. Check out the collection tags to find them quickly. I’ll also be at Grand Convention with several great exhibits, so if you are attending, stop by the archives booth.

In case you missed it, March was U.S. Women’s History month. Check out the blog post on a Notable Theta who was recognized last month.

I’m going to go check out the pansies again to remind me that it is spring.