Noraleen DuVall Young

Alpha Chi, Purdue

February 2018 Archives News

“Thirty days in September, April, June, and November and when short February is done, all the rest have 31.” There is something special about the short month of February. Around my household, if we can get through February, we have made it through the worst of winter and know that spring is around the corner (even if we get a snowstorm in March). The month includes some fun holidays like Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day (one of my favorites … mainly for the chocolate) and this year, the Winter Olympics. It’s a busy month for such a short one.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, you may want to check out several blog posts relating to items from the archives. What I like about both Dating Advice from the Past and The Road to Romance is Rarely Smooth is that they give you a sense of how some things have changed and how some things stay the same.

This month, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be conducted in PyeongChang, South Korea. We have several Thetas who have participated in Winter Olympics of years gone by. Check out the blog post that notes several Theta skiers, figure skaters, and one of the first women to compete in speedskating at the Olympic level. If you know of any Thetas who are participation or will be there, let us know!

As always, we continue to add content to the heritage site. In case you missed it, there is a post about Connecting Pieces in the Archives: Founders Day in Philadelphia, in which I take a look at how three things—a photograph, an object, and the Theta magazine—all came to together to tell a great story.

Have a great month!