Noraleen DuVall Young

Alpha Chi, Purdue

June 2017 Archives News

It’s June, and around the archives a new intern is starting, we are tackling some projects that have been on the to-do-list, and—in a somewhat bittersweet mood—we will be taking down the Bettie and Her Family exhibit. Don’t worry! These items will remain in the collection and will be used in the months and years to come. If you did not get a chance to see the exhibit in person, check out the wonderful pages from the Spring 2017 issue of the Theta magazine.

New material on the heritage site this month includes a blog post about Theta and World War I, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into the war in 1917. For many Thetas of that era, the war provided opportunities that had not been available to college-educated women.

“Do you know of any buildings that are named after Thetas?” is a question that I have been asked several times. Doing a bit of digging in the archives I found several buildings named after notable Thetas. Check out the Ask the Archivist article on the Heritage site. If you know of some buildings that are not listed in the article, let me know!

If you have any questions for the archivist, don’t hesitate to contact me at Your question could be featured in an “Ask the Archivist” article.