Thetas Are Champions for Children

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Thetas Are Champions for Children

"Eta Sigma/Chapman is honored to give back to CASA over the years. Partnering with an incredibly inspiring and necessary organization makes it easy to pour our love, energy, and passion into supporting foster children. Giving back in ways that are both meaningful and get our whole community involved has meant so much to our chapter!"

Here Are Three Ways You Can Help

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In June 2019, Kappa Alpha Theta received National CASA/GAL’s prestigious Children’s Champion Award. This award is given to an individual or organization which has made a significant contribution at the national level to improving the lives of children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

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About Our Partnership

Like National CASA/GAL, Theta believes that every child who has experienced abuse or neglect should have a qualified, compassionate adult to fight for and protect that child’s right to have a safe home, establish permanence, and be provided opportunities to thrive. The strength of Theta sisterhood and our collective commitment to National CASA/GAL will continue to change lives.