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Benefits of ThetaConnect's Flash Mentoring

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Madi Leger

One of Theta’s priorities is providing members with the resources they need to succeed. ThetaConnect, Theta’s members-only app, was designed to help alumnae and collegians support and stay connected with one another in both their personal and professional lives. Members can use ThetaConnect to find a mentor or be one for another member.

One of the greatest things about ThetaConnect is the ability to easily create relationships and connections. Do you need career advice but don’t know where to start? Message one of the hundreds of members who have marked their profiles as “Willing to Help” on ThetaConnect. Asking for career advice can be intimidating, and messaging within ThetaConnect is simple and stress-free. Members can also rest assured that they are speaking to other Thetas who are experienced in a given field, and that makes tough questions not so tough to ask.

ThetaConnect offers flash mentoring to help create important connections between experienced professionals and younger members. Flash mentoring is a method of mentoring without committing to a long-term relationship. The average mentoring relationship can last months while flash mentoring offers freedom for those who do not have time to engage in a long-term program.

Flash mentoring has many benefits for both mentors and mentees.

Flash mentoring offers mentors:

  • The opportunity to guide their mentee through something they have been able to successfully navigate;
  • The ability to develop mentoring and coaching skills; and
  • The chance to give back to Theta and have a positive impact on the life of a younger Theta.

Flash mentoring offers mentees:

  • The opportunity to be guided by a mentor who has valued experience in their field;
  • The chance to have their résumé reviewed by a professional;
  • The help they need to identify and achieve career goals; and
  • The ability to improve their interviewing skills and gain confidence.

Thanks to ThetaConnect, Thetas have already had the opportunity to create mentoring relationships based on career advice, industry-specific questions, résumé review, internships, and more!

Are you interested in helping other members or seeking help for yourself? In the Mentoring section within ThetaConnect you can search for a mentor, view the status of a mentoring relationship, or update your preferences for your own mentoring settings.

Visit ThetaConnect and start building your network, and contact us for assistance or questions.