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Celebrating Our Diamond Thetas

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Noraleen Young

Alpha Chi, Purdue

Thank you so much for the recognition that you sent. I would like you to know that serving as president of the Alpha Chapter in 1949 was a true honor. - Sara Downing

So shares one of our “Diamond Thetas” of 2021. Each year we recognize members who have reached 25 years, 50 years, and 75 years of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta. Those who have reached 75 years have been designated Diamond Thetas.

Thank you for my 75-year pin of which I am very proud – a surprise for me. It seems truly extraordinary that after all these years away from Theta and Goucher that I should hear from two Theta sisters. I feel truly honored. - Sally Hennessey

The formal practice of recognizing significant membership anniversaries began in 1954 with recognition of 50-year Thetas. Like today, these members were recognized at Founders Day events. In 1963, Theta expanded to the program to recognize 75-year Thetas. Grand Council selected a pansy pin embellished with the coat of arms as a recognition.

I treasure my Theta friends and keep in touch with my sorority sisters from the University of Pittsburgh. Through my busy life, I have always kept my Theta memories and experiences close at heart. - Betty Shew Hattman

In honor of the 150th anniversary in 2020, Theta had members visit several of our 75-year Thetas and present them their pin. While we could not arrange visits in 2021 due to the pandemic, we mailed the pins and encouraged our Diamond Thetas to share a picture of themselves wearing their pin.

For 2021, we are sharing several of these images via the Diamond Thetas web page as well as the thank-you notes from these members. You can also check out the stories of the 2020 class. The notes will join thank-you’s from previous years in the Theta archives.

The 75-year Theta pin was a lovely surprise and brings back many happy memories of college days at Colorado State—great years to be a co-ed! My active pin was worn by my daughter at TCU, and now by my granddaughter at Texas Tech. Three generations of Theta! Loyally in Theta, Jane Ritter Hornsby

What comes across in our most recent class of Diamond Thetas is that Theta is timeless and still relevant in these members’ lives. I encourage you to check out the 2021 Diamond Thetas to be inspired.