Allie Westbrook

Family Means Theta

When I rushed during my second semester, I had no clue I would meet women who would encourage all my endeavors - from remarkably dull to “are you kidding?” crazy - whether it be figuring out Excel or buying and learning to play a banjo.

In Chi Chapter, not only did I find the sisters I could laugh, study, and have too much fun with, I found the people I wasn’t afraid to cry in front of. I met people I have absolute faith in - people I could spill the contents of my soul to with no fear of judgement. Until Theta, I didn’t know people like that existed, and I never could have imagined I would get to call them my friends.

I found 200 women I look up to; I found 200 women I’d be proud to be like one day; I found 200 strong, intelligent, true leading women.

If you want a family that adores you, flaws and all, if you want a team that will push you to be better than your best, a friend to eat lunch with, a shoulder to cry on, and people to talk about anything with at two in the morning … well, I hope you find Kappa Alpha Theta.

I know I have a lot of life to live and to learn, but I found a home I never want to leave. I found faith, I found hope, and most importantly - I found love. I found Chi and fell in love. I am forever changed.