Brittany Booth

Pi, Albion

Improving How We Introduce Potential New Members

This time last year, the world looked significantly different. A year later, our college chapter members have shown us just how adaptable and resourceful they are and recruited more than 6,000 new members in the past school year. We are thrilled for our newest members to experience Theta membership in an in-person way where they can continue to develop life-long connections and memories.

As we look ahead to the fall, we know recruitment will still not occur the way that we are used to and that our members are still working to adapt to new formats and routines.

In the spirit of reevaluating our processes for efficiency and relevancy, the Fraternity is pleased to announce that any person, regardless of membership in Theta, can submit a Potential New Member Introduction Form. Formerly known as a letter of reference & legacy introduction, or recommendation letter, this update will serve to provide an opportunity that more closely aligns with the process of applying to a school, a job, or an internship. As we embarked on evaluating improvements to this process, one thing was clear: we needed to mirror what members and potential new members (PNMs) experience to apply or join other organizations. We believe the Potential New Member Introduction Form will do just that.

This update is not intended to create a burden for chapters, especially if introductions, recommendations, or references are not common. We do know of the many chapters that consider the introduction/reference process as essential. Alumnae and PNMs alike report difficulty in securing a form writer or having to submit a form on behalf of someone they do not know. This shift allows the form submitter to be someone who can describe the PNM’s character and values best.

Collegians and alumnae were involved in teaching us what serves this organization best: more than 30,000 alumnae were invited to participate in question-and-answer sessions!

Check out the Introduce a Potential New Member web page to learn more about the reimagined process and form.