Lisa Gebken Thibault

May 2017 Spotlight

Lesley has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. These leaders form an exclusive group of influencers in business from across the economy and around the globe, impacting industries ranging from fashion to finance, and work to solve global and societal problems in creative ways.

As the chief operating officer and vice president of product for theBoardlist, Lesley helps link technology companies with qualified female candidates for corporate board opportunities. She oversees development of the Boardlist's board candidate discovery and recommendation platform, as well as overall direction of theBoardlist's growth strategy and business model. Lesley has led product, innovation and growth efforts at Netflix, Intuit, AltSchool, Nextdoor and CreativeLive, and holds multiple patents for software products. She has been a featured speaker at Fast Company's Innovation Festival, the inaugural Women in Product conference, The Girls Lounge and Intuit's Create the Offering and Design for Delight conferences.