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Mentor a Theta During Mentoring Week 2023

Category: Fraternity

Madi Leger

Are you looking for more opportunities to get involved in Theta? Do you have professional experience or knowledge of a specific industry or are looking for help? Are you interested in connecting with another Theta? ThetaConnect, Theta’s members-only app, was designed to help alumnae and collegians support and stay connected with one another in both their personal and professional lives. One of ThetaConnect’s priorities is giving members the professional resources they need to succeed.

Theta wants members to use ThetaConnect to find a mentor or be one for another member. Here are some interesting stats:

  • 60% of ThetaConnect users are offering help, which includes introducing connections, opening doors at workplace, answering industry-specific questions, and meeting for coffee.
  • Nearly 50% of ThetaConnect alumnae are offering mentoring. This includes a mentor relationship, mentoring a younger professional, career advice, résumé review, and internship assistance.
  • 57% of ThetaConnect users are seeking mentoring.
  • 74% of ThetaConnect users are alumnae and 26% are collegians.

With the need for mentors being greater than the number of users offering mentoring, ThetaConnect needs additional mentors now more than ever. Here are some reasons why mentoring younger Thetas is important:

  • The act of mentorship encourages the development of Kappa Alpha Theta as a whole. Theta values its members and wants to see them grow, whether they are collegians or alumnae.
  • Mentoring within Theta allows the organization’s network to benefit from personal and professional growth. By sharing information, skills, and behaviors, Theta mentors can help shape the paths of younger members.
  • Theta mentorship strengthens the special bond between members. Something so special about mentoring within ThetaConnect is the ability to start a new connection with a Theta sister you may have never met otherwise.
  • Developing mentor relationships can help both mentors and mentees learn new things. One of the greatest resources in ThetaConnect is the lived experiences of its users.

The transition from college to alumnae life can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to ThetaConnect, Thetas of all ages from all over the world can start creating mentoring relationships. Whether you are just getting started in your career or an expert in your field, ThetaConnect welcomes all Thetas experience mentorship in the platform.

As of today, ThetaConnect boasts more than 11,100 registered users, and it’s available at no cost to you! Visit ThetaConnect today to network with other Thetas. Contact with questions. Don’t forget to let us know your mentoring success story too!