News About Eta Nu Chapter

Category: Fraternity

At their meeting on Friday, Dec. 9, Grand Council voted unanimously to withdraw the charter of Eta Nu Chapter at Lake Forest College. Effectively immediately, the chapter is closed.

Eta Nu Chapter has struggled in recent years with declining membership and a lack of volunteer support, leading to an inability to provide college members with a positive and impactful membership experience. Eta Nu Chapter has been on Chapter Charter Review since October 2022, and unfortunately, the forecast regarding the future of the Eta Nu Chapter did not improve.

The closing of a chapter is a painful experience for everyone at Kappa Alpha Theta, but it is especially difficult for all initiated members of Eta Nu. Since its establishment in 2004, Eta Nu Chapter has contributed quality members who continue strengthening Theta. We are all bound by our meaningful ritual, and our sisterhood goes beyond the chapters in which we were initiated. Even though Eta Nu Chapter is closed, all Eta Nu initiates remain members of Kappa Alpha Theta as long as the relationship continues to be desired and honored by them.