Seeing Ourselves

Theta values inclusion, and we want our policies and procedures to reflect this value. We also want the faces we show to ourselves and the world to reflect inclusion. We want our members to see themselves and their experience reflected not only visually in our website, social media, and magazine, but also to see themselves in the stories we share.

Many of you have written to us over the past year with comments about the magazine articles we’ve published, photos featured on our website, and stories we’ve shared on social media. Many of you have said you appreciate seeing policies evolve or seeing your experience named. Yet we’ve also received comments and stories from many of you telling us about experiences in which you felt marginalized or faced discrimination. We have work to do to make Theta a more inclusive place. As an organization, we have much to celebrate, but we also have much for which to atone. Taking responsibility for past actions, even though we may not be proud of them, will help all of us to not repeat past missteps and mistakes.

Theta can do better, and we all need to work together to reach this goal. Through upcoming magazine articles and blog posts, we will share experiences from our members. Whether you have a positive experience to share or an experience where we could do better, you can send it to (You may choose to include your name or send your story anonymously.)

Theta encompasses all of our stories: the ones that make us proud, the ones that make us think, the ones that make us hurt, and the ones that help us grow. It is our hope that taking an honest look at all these experiences will help us move toward a more inclusive Theta, not just in words, but in culture and practice.