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Thoughts for the New Year: A Better You for 2022

Category: Fraternity

Mindy Marshall

Gamma, Butler

It's the wonderful time of year when many of us take the opportunity to evaluate our current way of living. Should we pivot our actions or ways of thinking? Take on new challenges? Start following our dreams?

I would venture to say this annual ritual started for many of us when we were in college. We might've just finished our first semester and recognized the importance of reflecting on what went well and what didn't. We probably had just spent a few months on our own for the first time, making our own decisions, finding our ways, starting the journey of figuring out who we are. Setting goals and making plans became more important than ever at this time in our lives.

Regardless of when we started having them, new year's musings are fantastic at any age! As we get older and life gets busier and the pace of living gets quicker, we find months fly by like a day and one year rolls into the next. Having a designated time each and every year when we're reminded to take a moment to at least consider where we are (metaphorically or literally, either is fine!), and whether we're OK with it, provides such a great opportunity.

Maybe we call the results of this introspection resolutions and maybe we don't. Maybe we go big or maybe we go small. It's the act of stepping back and taking a look at whether we're happy with the status quo that I think is important. Checking in with ourselves and taking a moment to consider Am I where I want to be? can be such a powerful act.

Give it a try. Make a plan if you aren't happy with the answer. Only you have the power to change the trajectory of your life. Start with something small and it will build. Or go big right out of the gate if that's your style!