Volunteer Blog 04082019

To Our Volunteers—We See You.

Category: Fraternity

Laura Stelsel

Gamma, Butler

Chances are you’ve received a note or email or seen a social media post that this week is Volunteer Appreciation Week.

As the Theta staffer who oversees volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition, I love this week, because it is an intentional time to thank Kappa Alpha Theta’s volunteers. But with all sincerity, I hope we let our volunteers know how valued they are beyond this one week.

My favorite Theta social media feature (though I might be a little partial) is High Five Friday. This is a biweekly shout-out to volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their Theta roles. I love this feature because, here at headquarters, we don’t always see or hear about the incredible and selfless moments of love, sacrifice, and kindness our volunteers provide for the women in their local communities. We encourage High Five Friday nominations* from fellow volunteers, and I wanted to share just a few of some recent nominations, so you, too, can get a sense of what these women provide to members on a daily basis.

We just went through the hardest issue that I've ever seen as a student or advisor. We handled it together since she's so new, but she didn't shy away from anything. She was right there with me every step of the way ... I was so impressed with her and know that I've found a great ally in her.

She has been such an amazing, positive light for our chapter and Kappa Alpha Theta as a whole. I find comfort in knowing we have a sister so close to us, with open arms and amazing advice. Very grateful for all that she has done!

She is going way above and beyond. [Our contractor] was unable to hire a chef for this semester. She has been spending about 25 hours per week shopping and cooking for the women and will continue to do so until next semester for free! This is in addition to two young kids and a baby plus two jobs.

She was onsite within minutes to help the chapter and comfort the members.

I think many, maybe most, Thetas have a memory of a fantastic Theta volunteer—perhaps a college chapter advisor or alumnae chapter officer—supporting them in a time of need, welcoming them into a new community, or teaching them a valuable life lesson.

Theta has nearly 3,000 volunteers. (To put that in perspective, we have a staff of roughly 60.) 3,000 women who have more than just Theta going on in their lives: jobs (sometimes more than one), aging parents to care for, families to support, friendships to nurture, personal and professional passions, self-care, mental health, illness … and yet they all find the energy to keep this incredible organization—and its members—going.

To all these women, THANK YOU for your time, love and energy. We are in awe of you this week and every week.

*If you are interested in nominating a Theta volunteer for High Five Friday, let us know!