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Top 3 Tips to Speak Up + Build Your Reputation Using ThetaConnect

Category: Fraternity

Lauren Hasson

Beta Rho, Duke

Are you doing the hard work every day but feel undervalued? Do you have more to offer your company, but no one seems to notice or care? Are you bursting with untapped potential, but don’t know how to communicate your value?

That was me, too. But then I learned a priceless lesson. It’s not just about you. You can be doing great work to get ahead and earn more, but it doesn't matter if the right people don't know. Other people influence your career. They need to know about you, your contributions, and your value in order for you to get recognized and rewarded.

This valuable lesson was transformative in my career! I went from an invisible, high-performing wallflower with her head down, to a sought-after, high-profile professional with a global network. And I am painfully introverted. At first, talking about myself wasn’t easy. But it is now. If I can do this, then you can do it too with my fail-proof strategy:

Tip #1: When you do great work, document it!

I write down everything great I do in what I call my At-A-Girl Journal. I track my accomplishments. I do this for two reasons. First, so I have an accurate log of all that I’ve done. I use this for proof points in interviews and updates to my portfolio, résumé, and LinkedIn profile. Secondly, and equally important, this list helps me reflect on what I have done, how far I've come, and the progress I've made.

Tip #2: Tell people about the work you’ve done!

It’s not enough to do the great work. You and, only you, are responsible for making sure that people know about it. For me, I make sure that my whole network knows. I share my progress with both my internal company and my external networks. I’ll post a quick update on a company Slack feed or mention my work in a recap meeting internally – whatever is appropriate with company culture. I’ll also share externally with my LinkedIn network and other networks like ThetaConnect, where likeminded individuals and sister Thetas can celebrate my accomplishments with me.

Talking about your success doesn’t have to be icky or self-promotional, either. I use conversation starters like, “I’m thrilled to share that {insert accomplishment here} or I’m honored to share that {insert}” or “I’m proud to be {insert}” The easiest way to begin is by sharing out your involvement in group work with something like, "I'm honored to be part of the team that launched this great new product!" Then insert an image of the team or link to an article with a photo on it. And make sure to recognize your team members, too!

Once you’ve built this muscle, it will become natural to share your accomplishments every time you experience a success. My bet is you are already doing this on a personal level. Now it’s time to do it professionally. too.

Tip #3: Get started. Now.

So, what is one significant accomplishment you've had this last month? Have you told anyone besides your mother? Have you reflected on what this means for you and your career? If not, now's the time to share it. Start by telling all of your sisters on ThetaConnect, which is a safe community of members who genuinely want to encourage and support you. Then, as your confidence builds, share it with your broader network. Before you know it, you'll have a strong reputation, and everyone will know you for the great work you do. And once people know your true value, the opportunities for you to get ahead will be everywhere.