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Scholarships FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Theta Foundation scholarships! For complete information regarding general eligibility and requirements, please review the application guide posted on the Apply for Scholarships & Grants page.

Tips for Applicants


Recommendation forms from your Theta reference and academic/professional reference are due on March 3, 2021, at 6 p.m. EST. You can send recommendation requests to references, re-send requests, or even cancel requests and send them to new references up until the deadline, but don't wait until the last minute! Review pages 5-6 of the 2021 Scholarship Application Guide for information on reference eligibility and monitoring requests.

Having trouble choosing references? Take our reference eligibility quizzes to see if you're on the right track:

Theta reference quiz: http://bit.ly/ThetaRefQuiz21

Academic/professional reference quiz: http://bit.ly/AcaProRefQuiz21


It is very important to enter an accurate cumulative GPA in your 2021 Theta Foundation Scholarship Application. Tips for entering an accurate GPA include:

Check your official transcript to find your cumulative GPA; don't rely on an unofficial transcript or an online grade system.

  • Be honest. If your school doesn't assign GPA, please don't enter a GPA. Check the application instructions for how to respond to the GPA items appropriately.
  • Make sure to report your cumulative GPA, not just a GPA for a single semester (unless you're a first-year student and have only received grades for one term).
  • Don't try to calculate your own cumulative GPA if you have attended multiple institutions, studied abroad, or taken summer classes somewhere other than your degree-conferring institution.
  • Enter your cumulative GPA exactly as it is listed. Don't round or truncate; if your transcript says 3.9999, enter that and don't round up to 4.0.

Don't worry about submitting a transcript with your application; it is not required to apply for Theta Foundation scholarships. However, if you are selected for a scholarship, Theta Foundation will require your official transcript to verify your cumulative GPA. If the GPA in your application doesn't match your official transcript, you will forfeit your award.

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