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A Time of Giving Thanks, Especially for Theta

Category: Fraternity

Christine Lorkowski

Autumn is universally known as the season of showing gratitude. But we are constantly told to be thankful for what we have year-round, right? It is a healthy way to live, as it improves physical and mental wellbeing. Exercising gratitude often can reduce depression and increase positive feelings of pleasure and happiness. It puts life in a better perspective.

But it can often be a struggle depending on our mood, even if it is supposed to be that “time of year.” Sometimes, even the reminders that you should feel grateful causes stress. Circumstances can affect achieving that feeling. (Remember, Theta offers a mental health screening for all members.)

However, thankfulness can be found in some unexpected ways. Recently, I noticed that I am incredibly thankful that the restrictions from the worldwide pandemic are lifting. Travel is back, people are meeting in larger groups, and better yet, hugging and shaking hands are becoming normal again. Prior to the spring of 2020, these are things I wouldn’t have contemplated to be such a blessing to my life. Perspective often aids in our gratitude.

We should consistently try to find reasons to express gratitude. They can be smaller, less-obvious reasons: Traffic on the way to work is steadily moving, it isn’t raining as predicted on the day of an outdoor event, your morning coffee tastes particularly good, or a friend reaches out unexpectedly. The fact that you are reading this means you are a member of Kappa Alpha Theta—or maybe you’re a friend or family member of a Theta—and that alone nurtures lifelong friendships and memories, and that in itself is a reason to be thankful.