Mim Rouen Dimitroff

A Wonderful Example of Theta Sisterhood

I became a Theta in the 1960s at Beta Pi/Michigan State. My husband, Bo, was the center on the Michigan State football team that won a national championship, and has had season tickets since 1967. We live about 70 miles from East Lansing, Mich. Before games, we park in a municipal lot, have breakfast at our favorite restaurant, and walk to the stadium.

Last October, State was playing a home night game with Nebraska. My husband couldn't go, so I took my 14-year-old grandson who was really excited. As I was leaving home, Bo reminded me that I couldn't take my purse. So I stuffed my driver’s license, credit card, and health card into my jeans pocket. When I got to our favorite parking lot, it was full. Each lot I tried had a long line waiting for a spot. Time was flying by, and traffic was thickening. I knew that any cars parked on streets would be towed.

Then I remembered that there were some spots in a lot behind the Theta facility that had fee parking on game days. I zipped over there and, sure enough, the attendant flagged me to a space. She said, "That'll be $15." I realized I had no cash. She pointed out an ATM across the field. I didn't have my ATM card. Then I saw the Theta facility and asked her to keep the spot. I sprinted to the house and rang the bell (the door had a code entry). Ringing and banging had no result—everyone was at the game! Then a young woman ran up the steps asking if I needed help. I explained my problem, and she opened the door and asked me to follow. We climbed the familiar stairs to her room (one I had stayed in when I lived in the house!). She dumped out a drawer and handed me $20. We exchanged information and I hustled to pay the attendant. My grandson and I had a great time at the game.

I was overwhelmed by the kindness of Georgina Foakes, the young lady who loaned me the money. She didn't know me, and she took the time and made the effort (and sacrifice) to help me. Of course I sent her cash back the next day. We have corresponded ever since!

I've owned a prominent financial firm since the 1980s, and yet, without the help of my Theta sister Georgina, my grandson and I would have missed the game!