Laurie McGregor Connor

Deadline for Democracy: Register to Vote!

It’s fall, and while many of us think of pumpkins and Halloween, I think of elections! National Voter Registration Day is tomorrow, September 27, and is sponsored by the National Association of Secretaries of State. As Theta’s director of government relations, I strongly encourage each of my U.S. Theta sisters to participate in the process. If you are not a registered voter, it’s simple. For many states, the deadline for registering to vote is October 11, which is 30 days out from the election.

Check with your secretary of state or visit Once you enter your address on this site, you can see the candidates for your precinct, find your polling place, and even register to vote using the online voter registration tool!

The opportunity for women to vote was granted in 1920 (thanks to the 19th Amendment) but 18-year-olds had to wait until July 1971 for the 26th Amendment to be ratified. When Theta celebrated our centennial in 1970, many collegians couldn’t vote. With our sesquicentennial coming in 2020, collegians are a big part of campaign efforts.

So exercise your right and participate. If you can’t get to the polls, most states offer alternatives such as absentee ballots (you must apply for one) and early in-person voting at your county’s board of elections.

If you want to get more involved, county boards of elections are often looking for poll workers. While it makes for a long day, it is exciting to see the procedures in action. I have served in primary and general elections and found it very rewarding.

So go register and VOTE!