Ali Matthews

Empowering Women Using Theta Love

Theta has without a doubt shaped the course of my life; I am thankful beyond words for our Fraternity. My experience as a Delta Epsilon inspired me to pursue chasing my dreams of entrepreneurship 8 years ago. This is my third Greek apparel company since graduating in 2008; it all feels meant to be.

In recent years, this journey evolved into something much greater for me personally. Not only is this about fashionable Greek apparel – it’s about empowering women. It's about love. Loving yourself for who you are, loving your sisters who stand by your side, and putting love into all that you do. As we know, love never fails. We are in this journey together as womankind. My sense of purpose has been passionately ignited once again, come alive through Ali & Ariel.

This experience parallels that of my love for Theta. The love grows deeper, and the bonds of sisterhood strengthen to new heights as time progresses. Similarly, the love you put into what you do always finds its way back to you.

I would not be here today without Theta, in every sense. The support of my sisters has made this all possible. As I faced significant changes to my personal life earlier this year (deciding to end my marriage), my sisters stepped in to give me the courage to carry on. They reminded me of who I am, and the woman I aspire to be. With perseverance, renewed independence, and faith, Ali & Ariel went from concept to fruition in four weeks, launching in April 2016. Ariel (like the mermaid) is magical. She's you, she's me, empowering women to be anything they want to be. Her magic lives within each of us.

And, here we are. Being able to attend Convention under such short notice was a dream turned reality. My deepest thanks to both Rachelle & Kristi Tucker for making it all possible! Attending my first convention this year was meant to be.

As they say, love isn't love until you give it away... This is a beautiful beginning in giving back to my love and forever inspiration, Kappa Alpha Theta.